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Back Link Supercharger Product Review

Your Backlinks are Worthless if They are Not Indexed in Google Backlinks SuperCharger Will Quickly Index All Your Backlinks Dear Marketer, Would you like to charge more from your offline clients? Would you like to charge more for services that you provide online? Would you like better rankings and traffic for your own websites? If yes then I have a good news for you Introducing Backlink Supercharger, Here are the powerful capabilities of Backlink Supercharger: Mass Ping Upto 1000 URLs at once – If you create backlinks for your clients or for your own sites, and want to actually rank on the search engines, you probably already know that a backlink won’t count if it’s not indexed in Google and other search engines. Backlink Supercharger will ping each URL at Pingomatic one by one automatically with the click of a button. Earlier you had to use either a third-party software or do it manually at Pingomatic Create RSS feeds of your backlinks – Your backlinks are much more effective if you create RSS feeds and ping them and submit them to RSS aggregators and directories. Backlink Supercharger allows you to create RSS feeds from your own domain so that you can submit them to RSS aggregators Domain Indexer: Using this module you can automatically create HUNDREDS of backlinks to your domain from Website Value sites Here’s the deal: You get the following: The Backlink Super Charger Script User Manual describing the usage of Backlink Super Charger Are You Ready to finally do the small change that makes a big difference in your Ranking and Traffic?

Power Linking Secrets and Website Promotion

More and more folks are realizing that building a solid themed reciprocal link directory is an affordable and highly effective way to increase inbound traffic. Not only is traffic generated through direct external links, but weight is also given to search engines, as they assume that your website is more relevant. Relevant link building is clearly the key, where spammers requesting any link they can get will lose out every time. The more experienced you get in website promotion, the more you will want to concentrate on quality links. Let’s look at one or two good rules to adhere to. You will see a marked improvement in the quality of your traffic, not to mention a surge in search engine rankings, when you spend time weeding out the wheat from the chaff. Ask yourself, “Who is my audience and where would they hang out?” Once you have targeted your audience, you will start to build a themed link directory. Make a point of only trading links with a website that: Shares an Interested Audience This is extremely important. If your website is about fly fishing in Montana, then linking to a site that sells Viagra is not going to do you any good. Just as importantly, when you do get offered a link from a site that shares your audience, make sure they are not linking to those Viagra sites! Has a Clearly Visible Text Link to its Link Directory I can’t tell you how many times I get proposed a link trade with a site that has told me they have already placed a link on their links page. 50% of the time they have not placed a link and secondly there is no clearly visible link to their links page from their home page. What good is that to anyone? I can’t get traffic from their site and Google won’t index either, as it can’t spider the page. Has a Links Page With No More Than 50 to 60 Links Displayed Many webmasters have no idea that search engines abhor link farms and will ban a page with an excessive amount of links. More importantly they may not know that their links page is presently percieved as a link farm. They have simply added too many links on one page. Keep a links page to a minimum of say 50 links per page along with a keyword-laden title and description and only link to others who follow this principle. Has a Google PageRank Not Less Than Your Own This is a good rule of thumb. Clearly, we would all love to trade links with a 9/10 site. It simply ain’t gonna happen if you are still at 1/10. Take a few baby steps and climb up the ladder; once in a while you might get a good 5 or 6 during the early stages. Just make sure you don’t link to zeros, especially if their page is chock full of links. It may have been banned anyway. Has a Static HTML Links Page Google doesn’t rank pages particularly well that move around so try to stay away from these! Be cautious of .asp or .php scripts even though they may appear to be static. My rule of thumb is I will only link to .html pages if the pagerank is worth it. Here Are The Power Linking Secrets You’ll Get In This Exclusive Audio Book: -Why nobody pays attention to reciprocal linking – which is probably the oldest SEO strategy in the book (Sorry, it’s not 1999 anymore!) -The 1 source to get tons of links (HINT: you’re not going to get this through ANY software or “black-hat” strategy! -The secret to linking to your site in an article or website (If you’re just putting your URL on the page, you’re wasting your time! -The tip to using RSS to increase your link power—and your fan base (This is where the good stuff is!) -The 2 most important things you should be putting on your blogs to boost search engine traffic (most marketers totally screw this up!) ….and a whole LOT more! Master Resell Rights Included!

Ultimate Back Links Builder Software Product Review

brand new easy to use backlink building software is really powerful. It´s super easy to set up, enter your keyword and domain and hit the button…. and BOOM! backlinks to your website are build without you having to do a single thing! Of course nothing beats manual backlinking from high PR domains, however this is such a time consuming process that with all the other things we need to do, we just can´t find the time to do some quality manual backlinking. This is where this software comes in: “Ultimate Backlink Builder” is the next best thing because it builds you backlinks on autopilot but also makes sure these links a high quality! The software submits directly to a large number of domain, whois, and DNS statistic web sites. These are authority sites that are highly visible to the major search engines. The latter will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your web site, many within the same day of submission, boosting your web site backlinks, and ultimately, driving traffic to your web site.

Link Finder Pro Product Review

Backlink can be a link on one website that points to a different website. The greater high-quality backlinks that could indicat pages in your website, the greater your site will rank with search engines, making your internet site simpler for brand new guests to locate. Building effective backlinks aimed at your website is important for the effective search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. That you can do a number of things to construct high-quality backlinks. Many people like these methods: 1. Write articles relevant on the subject with the website. Submit you to article directory websites for example GetMyArticles or EzineArticles. It is really an efficient method to produce backlinks aimed at your website, for 2 reasons. First, you’re allowed to incorporate backlinks aimed at your web inside author bio that seems following articles you publish. When making the hyperlink, utilize a carefully selected keyword as the link’s anchor text. Second, many article directory websites encourage site guests to create the articles that they like by themselves websites or blogs. Whenever someone publish your article on his site, younger crowd creates the backlink incorporated inside your bio. 2. Submit your internet site to sites just like the Open Directory Project directory, World Site Index or Web World. 3. Conduct a internet search engine search using keywords that describe your website. Go to the websites which come inside the outcomes to ensure the sites are targeted toward a topic complementary for your own personel website. When they are, locate the site’s information. Send the site’s business owner an e-mail seeking an exchange of links. The information doesn’t must be lengthy, but allow it to be personal. You’re more unlikely to obtain a favorable response should you send a similar form letter request to each webmaster. Not surprisingly personal touch, not everyone this agreement team you use out will likely be available to your request. Don’t permitted this to frustrate you. Spend money on send no less than five new link exchange demands weekly. 4. Place social bookmark icons as an example ShareThis or AddThis in your site’s Webpages. Every Internet site in your website that’s published on the DoFollow social bookmark management site leads to valuable backlinks aimed at your website. Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon are good examples of DoFollow social bookmark management sites. Register with your sites, and then make use of the widget to bookmark your site’s content pages. 5. Register using a question and answer website for instance Yahoo Answers! Look for questions which may be clarified with information offered inside your website. Submit a thoughtful reaction to the question and cite your internet site since the source. That as well supplies a valuable backlink to your site. Now, let’s discuss about LinkFinder Pro from Paul Clifford and how it might help you. I hope this simple LinkFinder Pro Review will aid you to differentiate whether LinkFinder Pro is Scam or perhaps a Genuine. Backlinks is becoming a fundamental piece of internet marketing, and without backlinks, whatever optimisation you’ll brought on by the web site just wouldn’t work. You’ll see whether an internet site has high traffic or broadly popular through the amount of backlinks contained in it. However, for individuals who find backlinking tiresome along with a total waste of time, you might find LinkFinder Pro just like a perfect strategy to your condition. LinkFinder Pro is often a software made by Paul Clifford, using the primary basis for helping you save your time and effort and time put in backlinking. It’s quite simple to setup and make use of, through an interface that’s easy to navigate to get a novice. LinkFinder Pro is definitely a valuable tool particularly when it calls for controlling the hyperlinks, and you also don’t even be interested in whether it has been approved or otherwise. Webmaster will discover it unequalled, because it is very user friendly when controlling websites of various niches. It’s usually crucial that you keep an eye on your backlinks, plus you’ve got to make certain the backlinks come from the best quality. LinkFinder Pro now runs using both Mac and PC, and you’ll always depend on tech support to operate on some problems immediatel

Link Partner Analyzer Product Review

Discover How You Can Instantly Uncover Google Backlinks With High PageRank And Spy On Your Competitors Backlinking Campaigns Are you aware that if you want to drive a flood of highly-targeted, organic traffic coming to your website you have to clearly understand the Google’s complicated ranking algorithm and build your website links in accordance with such requirements You can spend countless hours developing the perfect website and still get ZERO results if you fail to understand Google’s complicated ranking algorithm. It’s really not that difficult to get a flood of highly-targeted, organic traffic coming to your website while you sleep, while you hang out with your kids and while you do all the cool stuff you like to do… if you understand how to do backlinking correctly. All You Need Is A “Secret” Weapon To Outrank Your Competitors And Dominate Google! Discover How Link Analyzer Software Can Help You To Uncover Google Backlinks With High PageRank And Outrank Your Competitor In No Time Here’s what the link analyzer can do for you:- * Find Highly-Valuable Google Backlinks – All backlinks are Google approved! We show you exactly what backlinks Google counts and now they are yours for the taking. * Spy On Your Competitors In Mere Seconds – Knowing what your competition is doing is vital to getting a top 10 ranking. Legally “steal” their most valuable backlinks and they won’t even know what happened! * Instantly Compare Your Site To Others – This is one of my secret weapons when putting together my strategy for kicking my competition down a few notches and you’ll be able to do it in 5 seconds with just a few mouse clicks! * See The High PR Links That You Need To Get – Now you can cherry pick the best backlinks based on Google PageRank! No need to get PR 0 backlinks when you can just as easily get PR 6 backlinks all day long. * Fast And Easy To Use – 100% newbie friendly. No experience or special skills needed. This software is super easy to use, yet you’ll get incredible results just like you were an SEO pro! Photobucket Why You Should Not Be Obsessed Over Google PageRank ( Do You Know These 5 ‘Article Marketing’ Danger Signals? ( Life After Google PageRank – Part 1 of 2 ( 30 SEO Problems & the Tools to Solve Them (Part 1 of 2) ( Is that for PageRank or Page Viewers? ( Google SEO and Your Page Rank… Does it still matter ( How to get immediate top page search results for the keywords you want ( SEO PowerSuite Software Review ( Backlinks Blog: Secrets On How Gurus Rank Their Sites ( mozRank and PageRank for Metrics Driven SEO ( Backlinks Packages: Secrets On How Gurus Rank Their Sites ( SheerSEO Online SEO Software Review ( Secrets To Great SEO ( Reasons of Rankings Dropping: Google panda update or Google Dance? ( A Technique on How To Increase Google Page Rank ( Google PageRank Losing Trust Amongst Webmasters? ( Backlink Profit Monster for Higher Google Search Rankings ( Related articles Backlinks Packages: Secrets On How Gurus Rank Their Sites ( SheerSEO Online SEO Software Review ( Secrets To Great SEO ( Reasons of Rankings Dropping: Google panda update or Google Dance? ( A Technique on How To Increase Google Page Rank ( Google PageRank Losing Trust Amongst Webmasters? ( Backlink Profit Monster for Higher Google Search Rankings ( Enhanced by Zemanta Related Blogs

WordPress Plugins Product Review – WP Sales

Discover Super easy WordPress tool that BUILDS (and Pre-writes) Sales Letters & Squeeze Page for YOU AUTOMATICALLY. With “WP Sales Engine” truly anybody, regardless of their skill level can create profitable landing pages, launch new products or test new niches in just a few clicks. So easy it’s silly. If you can point-and-click, then you can build… Sales Letters ‘Squeeze’ (Opt-in) Pages Product Download Pages Thank You Pages OTO Upsell/Down-Sell Pages CPA landing pages PPC squeeze pages Affiliate Center Pages JV partner offer letters Contact, About Us, Privacy Policy Pages FTC Legal Forms & TOS and more… …in one step, using… proven high-converting templates and “Point & Click” technology… That’s it! You Can Customize Everything According to Your Own Preferences… No matter if you’re looking for “classic” or “flashy” design in your marketing…you can have this tool build it for you. Example: Just tell WP Sales Engine where to find your header… specify background color (or image)… set page width (if applicable)… and watch your site build itself automatically right before your eyes… Crucial Success Factor #2: Fill-in-the-Blanks Copy… Let’s face it. No matter how much you enjoy writing copy yourself…it’s always a whole bunch of extra pages that need to be completed before you can finally start taking orders… It’s a hassle. That’s why all pages WP Sales Engine creates are… …pre-written by default, so you can get started in the right direction immediately… Imagine how much time (and effort) you can save by this feature alone?? Use the pre-built copy “as is“…or change it… Up to you. And if you’re struggling with your main salesletters, you can just follow the “12 Step Foolproof Salesletter Formula” included inside, so you can start cranking out killer sales messages in no time… Read more: Related articles Simple Steps To Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate 3 Common Landing Page Flops To Avoid Preferred Landing Page Management Increases Conversion Rates & Revenue | Conductor Blog 10 Common Mistakes In B2B Paid Search Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash How To Setup Tracking Adjusted Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions Google Adwords New Ad Formula 5 Quick Tips for Writing a Successful Landing Page What to Remember When Creating Your Landing Pages Enhanced by Zemanta Related External Links On Conversions, Testing and the Science Behind the Buy: A Chat … Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs LinkedIn Ads – A Cost Per Click … Get Paid Per Click – Unknown 3 Proven PPC Marketing Tips to Boost Your AdWords Earning … 4 Vital Tips to Help Increase Your Affiliate Sales Automating Internet Marketing Processes Insurance Internet Marketing Getting High Visibility Through PPC Marketing — lawmacs web … PPC (Pay per Click) Services Glossary of Internet Marketing Terms | The Affluent Blogger

WordPress Premium Plugin – WP Content Spinner Plugin

Unleash How You Can Turn ANY Duplicate Contents Into UNIQUE to Your Blog without Writing Even a Single Word Using A Simple WordPress Plugin It Doesn’t Matter Whether You Are Using Rehashed PLR Articles Or Scraped Contents From Article Directories. This Powerful WordPress Plugin Will Turn Them Into Unique To You, AUTOMATICALLY! Are you a lazy blogger that hates writing even a single line of contents on your WordPress blog? Are you a type of blogger that loves to scrape other people contents from article directories such as Ezine, Article Dashboard etc.? If so, then 99.9% you are using auto-blogging plugins and rehashed PLR articles. There’s nothing wrong about it specially nowadays, authors will even love you for spreading their writings and the links embedded therein. It’s a free publicity right? “The Unpopular Google’s Duplicate Contents Penalty” But there’s a problem on these way of blogging recently, this multi-colored search engine called Google created the chaos! The very unpopular Google Duplicate Contents Penalty thing. This is a part of Google’s series of slaps… Google simply dropping websites with contents that are copied from other websites who originally published the contents as defined by their robots! I myself loves automated blogging, I like to automate as much of my income as I possibly can. Therefore, I set up a ton of blogs that pull content automatically to get a ton of visitors which in turn puts a nice chunk of cash in my pockets every month from things like Adsense, CPA, affiliate programs, and adding people to my list. The problem I was running into is that tons of other people were doing the same thing. The content that was being dripped to my blogs was also being dripped to 100′s of other blogs and I started to see a decline in my rankings and traffic because the same content that I was using was on tons of other sites as well. People in Google don’t check duplicate contents one by one, as it is next to impossible! ;-) They are simply using robots to check all these duplicate contents and you know robot aint human, it can be easily tricked if you know how! Luckily, we know how… and that’s WP Content Spinner is all about! This plugin simply turns duplicate contents unique to your site automatically. This was accomplished by simply changing some of the “code” in the html to basically allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see your content as Unique…So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites. “Totally Automatic And Easy To Use” If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like WP-O-Matic and the likes that automatically pull and post content to your blog. WP Content Spinner works hand in hand with these types of plugins. Spin Contents Automatically On the Background – It takes the content that is being posted, works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you. Thease all happens without human intervention. Search Engines Will Index Your Posts And Gain Better Ranking Faster – Because your contents are unique to you, all these robots will love your sites which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money. Easy To Install, No Technical Knowledge Required – Just upload WP Content Spinnerinto your WordPress blog plugin directory and activate. No more configuration or customization required, that’s it! You see, you don’t even need to write a single line of contents to your blog this is simply designed as a truly for lazy bloggers tool! See my live Auto-Blog using WP Content Spinner : Sample # 1 – AutoCAD Outsourcing Sample # 2 – Best Travel Deals Online As you can see, contents are human readable in fact, sometimes they’re even better that the original contents! :) Ok, perhaps you are now wondering how much will cost you to own this cool piece of software and whether we are going to ask for charge aninsane price for it. Let’s be frank, I am not interested in making an insane amount of money selling this tool. I’m here to help you grow your online business by providing you tools to automate most of your tasks so that you can have more time to spend with your loved ones. Before we go further and reveal the price, here are some facts you need to know: First up, understand that there are only a couple of other similar tools out on the market today and one of them sells for $97! That may seem a tad overpriced but when you weigh it against the potential benefits, you’ll realize it can help tremendously in creating more blogs that will grow on complete autopilot and increase the amount of your sales exponentially. Hence, it literally pays for itself… Possibly in just a few days time! Furthermore, WP Content Spinner was designed with the end user in mind… We’ve made it ultra simple for you and all you need to do is to install it and will automatically turns your duplicate contents into gold in no time. Put it simply, this is a complete no-brainer! So How Much Is This Going to Cost Me? Here’s the deal: Now we certainly do not intend to charge you $97. Yes, the returns and amount of time saved it can bring for you by using WP Content Spinner could quite be worth more than this fee. But we know for a fact that by charging such a steep price, it might effectively shut out many marketers who should be taking full advantage of such a fantastic tool but simply can’t afford it at this point of time. You see, we’ve been well-known for over-delivering on the software we create and making it really affordable for the masses. Our past customers have all testified to that and we certainly want to keep it this way. Turn any duplicate contents into unique to your blog without writing even a single word!” It doesnâ??t matter whether you are using rehased plr articles or scraped contents from article directories. This powerful wordpress plugin will turn them into unique to you, automatically! Works in TOTAL Autopilot, just upload, activate and you’re done! Perfect match to any automatic blogging plugins or software! Outrank even the original source of contents in search engines! Related articles 7 WP Plugins For My Content Curation Blog Nine Plugins to install with a new wordpress installation Plugin: Highly Customizable Instagram Plugin for WP WordPress Premium Theme – WP Store Premium WordPress Theme WordPress Wednesday – 10 Newest Plugins From The Plugins Directory WordPress and Server Hardening – Taking Security to Another Level Michael Hall: Ubuntu Webapps for WordPress How to get the LiveFyre Admin Page in WordPress How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress Essential WordPress Plugins How to disable plugin updates on WordPress Related External Links EzSEO Newsletter #329 ScriptMafia Nulled Blog – PDF Why You Need SEO and They Don’t « Jonathan Leger – SEO And … Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO | Mrkuple Blog Winners of 2011 Miss Chongqing crowned | Chongqing Currents Ranunculus + Pes Rent A Coder Bids: RENT A CODER: Saturday’s Rent A Coder Bids: C# — Small … myPhoto.myLife » Blog Archive » Compound eye Enhanced by Zemanta

WordPress Premium Plugin – WP Affiliate Platform Plugin

Discover How You Can Explode Your Website Online Income With The WP Affiliate Platform Plugin The WordPress Affiliate Platform is an easy to use WordPress plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking that can be used on any WordPress blog site. This plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program and allows you to reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referred sales. The admin can upload/configure banners/links which the affiliates can use on their blog site to drive traffic to your site. All the clicks, leads, sales etc are tracked by this plugin. If you are selling products or services from your WordPress blog/site and want to increase your sales by running your own affiliate program then WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin is what you need. WP Affiliate Platform is a Premium WordPress affiliate plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking which can be used on any WordPress site. The plugin automatically tracks all the clicks, leads and sales that your affiliates generate and rewards them for their referred sales. You can measure the true conversion rate for all your online ad campaigns by using WP Affiliate Platform to find out the profitable ones so that you do not waste time money on the non profitable campaigns. Plugin Features Easy to Install Like all other WordPress Plugins WP Affiliate Platform plugin is very easy to install. Real Time Reporting The plugin captures all the clicks, sales and generates real time reports automatically with no delay. Unlimited Affiliates You can have unlimited affiliates. Individual Commission You can set different commission levels for different affiliates. Simple Banner Management The plugin gives you the ability to upload/configure banners/links which your affiliates can use on their blogs/sites to promote your products. Autoresponder Integration The plugin can be integrated with all the major Autoresponders such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse etc. So affiliates automatically get signed up to your email list which you can use for email marketing, communication etc. Easy Integration with WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins WP Affiliate Platform is pre-integrated with WP eStore shopping cart plugin. But it can also be integrated with other ecommerce or shopping cart plugin like Instinct WP-eCommerce Plugin. Integration with WordPress Membership Site plugins WP Affiliate Platform is fully integrated with WP eMember plugin but it can be also Integrated with the best Membership site plugin WishList member. Multi site License You can use WP Affiliate Platform as many sites you own and do not need to pay for Multi site license. Detailed Documentation Every feature of the plugin is documented including useful Video tutorials Free Updates All the future plugin updates are free for the paid customers. Great Support You will receive life time free Support when you purchase WP Affiliate Platform plugin. Affiliate Platform Plugin Demo Affiliate View/Area Demo There are two ways you can setup your affiliate area. More details here. Test Drive the Plugin • Affiliate Area (stand alone) (use username – demo123 and password – demo) • Affiliate Area (embedded on a page) (use username – demo123 and password – demo) Admin Dashboard Screenshots WP Affiliate Platform Admin Menu Screenshot Affiliate Sales Data Manage Affiliate Payouts Menu Stats Summary Page General Settings reCAPTCHA Settings Index Page Customization Settings Manage Affiliates Page Manage Banners Page Add/Edit Banners Page Clickthrough Data Documentation & Technical Support Documentation site (Contains all the documentation for the WP Affiliate Platform plugin) Related articles Plugin: Highly Customizable Instagram Plugin for WP WordPress Premium Theme – WP Store Premium WordPress Theme 7 WP Plugins For My Content Curation Blog Michael Hall: Ubuntu Webapps for WordPress Nine Plugins to install with a new wordpress installation WordPress and Server Hardening – Taking Security to Another Level WordPress Wednesday – 8 Plugins To Help Make Your WordPress Site Responsive WordPress Premium Theme – Buro WooCommerce Theme How to disable plugin updates on WordPress WordPress Premium Themne – WP Forest Premium Theme WordPress eCommerceTheme-Viroshop Professional WordPress eCommerce Theme -WP eStore Pluginception: Using a Plugin to Create a Plugin in WordPress Featured WordPress Plugin: Coming Soon Pro Enhanced by Zemanta Related External Links WordPress Premium Theme – Shopify Apparel eCommerce Theme … Shopify eCommerce Theme – Cupcakes Store | Resell Rights Home …

WordPress Premium Plugins – WP Autoblogged Plugin

Discover How You Can Generate Fresh Content For Your WordPress Blog Using An Awesome WordPress Plugin That Generates Fresh Content From Any RSS, ATOM or XML Feed Without You Lifting A Finger WordPress Plugin -WP Autoblogged Plugin allow you to automatically post to your WordPress blog from any RSS, ATOM or XML feed. The pluginwill creates these new posts in the proper assigned categories and publish either excerpts or full feeds.Autoblogging is a great way to automate your WordPress posts so you can focus your efforts on earning money with your blog. With dozens of features, AutoBlogged is one of the most powerful autoblog software plugins available for WordPress and the best way to get automated blog content.AutoBlogged Premium WordPress Autoblog Plugin. Furthermore, we have added a comprehensive online help, e-mail support, and customer forums to make sure you can quickly and easily get started autoblogging in WordPress! You can use AutoBlogged to build a blog network, as an automated video blog, to create topic portals, or aggregate RSS feeds. WP Autoblogs are a great way to quickly build keyword-dense content, earn money with your blog, and fully automate your blog posting. Even better, automated blog content is an excellent alternative to domain parking. Rather than showing a generic parked page with spammy-looking ads, you can provide real content, get indexed in search engines, build page rank, and generate traffic with our WordPress autoblogger tool. You will be amazed how fast your domain value will grow! WP Autoblog Plugin Features This plugin basically converts RSS, ATOM or XML feeds into WordPress posts. This plugin has several features which include; Automatic publishing RSS .92, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom support Multiple categories Cronless cron jobs Optional source attribution Optional find and replace Optional excerpt republishing Image and video support Custom post templates Advanced post filtering Enhanced tagging engine Regular Expression Search & Replace Create thumbnails for images Override feed data with your own values Fully supports WordPress 2.7 and later Set AutoBlogged’s features In common usage it could be used to run an aggregator site where a collection of your favorite feeds can be posted to your WordPress blog (if the terms of the feed creators allow this). However, the power of this plugin means that it can be abused, as it could be used by spammers to push high-profit keyword posts into their blogs. Whatever the issues, this is an easy plugin to setup and use straight away. Download You can download WP Autoblog as a zip file here: It will always be linked to the latest version of the wordpress plugin. Installation Unzip and copy the wp-autoblog folder to your …/wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then, activate in the administrative interface. Make sure the wp-autoblog/cache directory is writable. Then, an options panel will appear under Options/WP Autoblog, where you can configure the plugin. Related articles Plugin: Highly Customizable Instagram Plugin for WP 7 WP Plugins For My Content Curation Blog Nine Plugins to install with a new wordpress installation How to disable plugin updates on WordPress Michael Hall: Ubuntu Webapps for WordPress WordPress and Server Hardening – Taking Security to Another Level WordPress Premium Theme – WP Store Premium WordPress Theme How to Monitor Server Uptime in WordPress The Best WordPress Plugins for 2012 WordPress Wednesday – 8 Plugins To Help Make Your WordPress Site Responsive WordPress Wednesday – 10 Newest Plugins From The Plugins Directory Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins Of 2012 WP Snippets: Code Snippers for WordPress WP Web Launch Easy and Affordable WordPress Install… Related External Links Ce forum est dédié aux Elu-es du groupe Europe Ecologie pour leur Lula vai gastar R$ 34 bilhões em casas para os pobres e classe … Estudiantes premiados – IES Santiago Apóstol Can You Be Friends Post-Breakup | The Eclectic Female: Lifestyle … WP-o-Matic. The WordPress RSS Agreggator | Guillermo Rauch’s … Enhanced by Zemanta

WordPress Premium Plugin – WP Robot

Powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs.Lean back and let WP Robot blog for you! With WordPress Premium Plugin -WP Robot, you can now automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger. WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify. And the best part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you could ever think of! With WP Robot you can create targeted blog posts on any topic without writing anything! WP Robot is a powerful and easy to use autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs allowing you to turn your blog on complete auto-pilot and drip-feed it with fresh content in regular intervals you specify. And the best part: The posts created will be targeted to any keyword you enter and any topic you could ever think of! Learn more about WP Robot’s features >> WP Robot can post content from many different sources, including Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube and eBay! WP Robot is capable of adding Amazon product posts, eBay auctions, Yahoo Answers questions and answers, Youtube videos, targeted articles, Flickr images, Clickbank ads and content from 12 more sources to your weblog automatically. Of course you have full control over which kind of posts will be created! There is no autoblogging software that can create autoblogs with more diverse content out there and WP Robot’s capabilities are constantly expanded with new exciting content modules! Learn more about WP Robot’s modules >> WP Robot can also rewrite or translate any post it makes automatically. If that’s still not enough to impress you, here is another nice feature: With the translation module WP Robot can translate any post it creates before adding it to your weblog by using Google Translate. By translating the content several times (for example from English to German to English) WP Robot can add instant unique, English content to your weblog! WP Robot can help you… Earn More Money: A large part of the content WP Robot adds to your weblog automatically can be monetized by using several affiliate programs and thus adding, in total, nine additional valuable revenue streams to your WordPress websites (and this is not even counting Adsense ads which you are probably using as well). Get More Visitors: Autoblogging is a great way to improve your website with relevant and search engine optimized content in order to attract more visitors to your site. Save Time: This one is especially obvious: Since you don’t have to write any blog posts yourself, you will have much more valuable time left for your important work or yourself when using WP Robot! A few simple yet effective Usage Scenarios Because the plugin is very flexible and dynamic there are many possible ways to use WP Robot on your blogs, let me outline a few good ones below: Create an armada of automatic weblogs. Since you don’t have to create the posts yourself nothing prevents your from creating a massive network of so-called autoblogs in order to earn advertising money from them or promote your existing websites. Earn more money from your existing weblogs. Several of the modules available for WP Robot allow you to earn affiliate commission for any sale referred by your blog’s posts, for example through the popular eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction and Clickbank affiliate programs. Since all posts created by WP Robot are targeted to your weblog’s topic conversions are generally very good and so this is an easy way to improve the revenue of your weblogs without any work! Add targeted and helpful content to your already established websites. Let’s say you are running a website about golf. By using WP Robot you could add a weblog to your existing site filled with relevant questions and answers on how to play golf or videos teaching golf or reviews of the newest golf equipment and so on. The possibilities are endless and as I said – no work involved on your part. Enhance your own written posts by adding related content or ads. WP Robot adds a little button to the WordPress post editor you can use to easily place any automatic content you want into a post you are currently writing or editing. Wether you need a few related videos for the dog training article you are working on or want to add some product ads for golfing equipment to your latest post – No problem, WP Robot can do it! Video Tutorial: Creating your first autoblogging campaign in WP Robot 3 More WP Robot 3 Video Tutorials >> WP Robot is the most advanced WordPress autoblogging software on the market. I programmed WP Robot because I was not satisfied with all the other autoblogging plugins available for WordPress at that time. Everything I was missing from them I built into WP Robot, which is why it comes with some of the most advanced features necessary for autoblogging, including the ability to cloak all affiliate links automatically and randomized post times to make your autoblogs look more natural. WP Robot can also backdate new posts in order to create to create an “illusion” of age on fresh websites. Testimonials “I tried WordPress Direct, but found it too expensive, cumbersome and confusing (even as a fairly techie individual). Then a colleague recommended WP Robot. It was so simple to install and get set up. Even better, it offers me the opportunity to make a little cash on the side. Updates are consistent and the plugin is always being improved, so I know it’s always compatible with the latest version of WordPress. ” — by Adrienne Hew from The Internet Marketing Spy View all 416 testimonials WP Robot is affordable Many competing autoblogging solutions for WordPress try to charge you a monthly fee to use them or require a huge sign-up payment, while offering less features. WP Robot is a one-time payment! After that the software belongs to you and you may even use it on all of your own websites. Want to learn more? If you want to learn more about what WP Robot can do for your business I suggest you have a look at the demo blog to see some sample posts created by WP Robot, the screenshots page to get a glimpse into the admin panel and finally the free demo version to see how WP Robot works on your own blog!

Web Graphics Creator Software

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Discover How You Can Make Money Online From Your Very Own Turnkey Ready Profitable Insomnia Niche Website Insomnia is one of the highly searched keyword online. Simply by doing a google search, it will returned to you about 80,500,000 results (0.16 seconds). The Google search results is an indication that insomnia is definitely a profitable niche. If you want to make money from your own website with minimum capital investment, check out the turnkey ready optimized insomnia website now This Product Includes: Insomnia Website Template – Yes Insomnia Website Marketing Manual – Yes Install Instructions – Yes Private Label Rights License – Yes Private Label Rights License: * [YES] Can sell the product to end users * [YES] Can sell any kind of rights * [YES] Can be re-sold at any price * [YES] Can be packaged with other products * [YES] Can be offered as a bonus * [YES] Can be added to all membership sites * [YES] Can be offered through auction sites * [YES] Can be given away * [YES] Can do anything you want with all files Grab Your Insomnia Turnkey Website Template With Private Label Rights Now!

List Building Fast

If you’ve been around the Internet marketing arena for any length of time then I’m sure you’ve heard the old mantra that “The Money Is In The List”… While this is 100% true… why is it that nobody seems to want to show you HOW to build that list? You know you need a list… But how do you get it? Let me be point blank here… a list of subscribers that are interested in what you are selling is the key to your online success. So, the bottom line here is you need to begin building your list right now — as in starting TODAY! Imagine… with your own big list of people interested in what you are selling, with the simple click of a button you could generate thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in mere hours. All of this could be yours without having to spend precious dollars on some high risk PPC campaign, without wasting months of your time trying to SEO your site, or paying anything for advertising… One simple click… All free traffic… … resulting in immediate buyers and cash sales for you! If you have a desire to have your own successful online business (one that replaces and outpaces your 9-5 income) then it does not matter what you’re selling… It has been proven time and time again that you absolutely MUST build your own opt-in list to maintain and grow your business… There once was a time where building a sizable and responsive list could take years of hard work and effort… That was the bad news:( Now… Here’s the good news… For the first time ever, I am going to reveal the secrets to quickly and easily building your own enormous opt-in list… … which gives you the freedom to make a LOT of money at the click of a button — over and over and over again, each every month! Check out this one list… With just this one list, a single click of a button unleashes a sales message to over a quarter of a million interested people: List Building Fast was engineered from the ground up to help you quickly and easily begin generating your own massively profitable opt-in list. Whether you have had any experience or not building your own list before — this course reveals EXACTLY what you need to know to begin creating subscriber sucking opt-in lists today. Imagine clicking the send button from your autoresponder service and unleashing a wave of cash sales to your accounts anytime you wanted!?! This course reveals everything you need to know in easy to follow step by step,multi-media format. In fact, here’s just a small sample of what you’re about to discover: Discover my insider secrets to quickly and easily building your own enormous opt-in list which gives you the freedom to make a LOT of money at the click of a button — over and over and over again, each every month! Uncover the exact strategies for creating an opt-in page that almost forces your visitors to opt-in every single time (these tactics) have garnered 50% conversion rates and higher! Find out the exact tools you need to start building your own explosive opt-in list to begin generating cash — as soon as TODAY! Discover how to turn your list into a list of “buy happy” buyers –and not just tirekickers looking to siphon off as much free information from you as they can! Uncover the truth behind which list services are the best and see firsthand how to use your autoresponder tools to automate your list building process — FAST! Discover how to build the kinds of relationships with your lists that will make them enormously responsive right out of the gate so that they start generating cash profits for you immediately! Find out how to set up your list building systems so that they are churning out new subscribers at rapid fire speed, all on autopilot, generating cash for you 24/7! And Much More – This step by step video training reveals all that you need to know to begin building your own enormous cash cranking opt-in list, starting today!

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With Instant Split Commissions, you can tremendously boost the sales of your affiliate program. Instant Split Commissions is not just an affiliate program; it is an Instant Affiliate Payment and Affiliate Recruitment System designed to work with ANY business selling affiliate products or services. It rewards your affiliates instantly and create an unrelenting army of happy affiliates selling your products non-stop. The result is an exponential explosion of sales that is likely to sustain itself for as long as your product/service stays on demand in the supports any number of products. Resale and rebrand rights included.

Fly in Ads Creator

A Simple, Beautiful, Effective, Sales Magnet That Grabs Your Visitors’ Pleasant Attention and Demands ACTION And Makes Them BUY… Fly-in Ads CreatorThere has been a MAJOR change on the internet that has cost internet marketers millions (maybe billions) of dollars. Today we bring you a solution to correct this shift (hence losses), or you risk losing out on thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. Like most internet users, you’ve probably come across web “pop-ups”. Don’t you hate them when they pop all over your computer with so many windows you can hardly shut them down? So how do these internet marketers expect to intrude my privacy like this, annoy me, then expect me to buy whatever they are selling on these “pop-ups”? Why is it that so many ISPs have come up with more and more aggressive methods of blocking these “pains in the neck”? But still you find more and more marketers are using them… The reason is that “pop-ups” CAN be very effective and very profitable tools if used properly. Fly-in Ads Creator is a friendly, “layer” that is not blocked by pop-up blockers It has such captivating effectiveness that it closes sales for you and skyrockets prospect subscription every time. ly-in Ads Creator is a “secret weapon” for creating wildly successful online campaigns that will boast staggering conversion rates. The reason internet marketers are buzzing about this wonderful tool is because it fulfills their marketing needs like no other. When you install Fly-in Ads Creator on your web site: Floating ads Grabs your visitor’s pleasant attention It will grab your visitor’s pleasant attention flying ads are effective It will have an appealing effect on your visitors’ psyche hover ads capture attention It will always demand INSTANT attention – comes with a choice of unique creative designs that capture attention Slide-Over ads close sales It will close sales for you Slide-Over ads close sales It will skyrocket prospect subscription for later follow-up giving you the opportunity to close sales later Slide-Over ads close sales It will not be blocked by pop-up blockers Slide-Over ads close sales No monthly fees!

Paylock Generator

Amazing Easy-To-Use Software Instantly Generates Secure PayPal Buttons On The Fly… Right From Your DeskTop! Encrypt Your PayPal Buttons In A Single Click… Eliminating Digital Theft And Protecting Your Profits! No More Wasted Time Logging Into PayPal Just To Create Or Edit Your Buy Buttons!

Turbo Brander

Create brandable PDF files that your affiliates can brand easily! This is an alternative to viralPDF with the exception that it cannot brand text. You can create brandible PDF files and allow your affiliates to brand the links inside the document easily. Software for personal use only.

How to sell niche products

ebook provide the in’s and out’s of selling niche products Table Of Contents: Introduction How To Sell Jewelry How To Sell Music How To Sell Movies How To Sell Video Games How To Sell Sports Equipment How To Sell Electronics How To Sell Cosmetics How To Sell Furniture How To Sell Software How To Sell Appliances How To Sell Exercise Equipment How To Sell Books And Magazines How To Sell Baby Products How To Sell Toys How To Sell Diet Products How To Sell Clothes How To Sell Home Improvement Products How To Sell Lawn And Garden Products How To Sell Pet Products How To Sell Party Supplies Reseller Tools and Distribution Rights Reseller Tools Includes Sales Page – No Includes Download Page – No Distribution Rights Resale Rights – Yes Master Resale Rights – Yes Private Label Rights – Yes Giveaway Rights – Yes Offered as a Bonus – Yes Full Product Copyrights – Yes Full Graphic Copyrights – Yes May Modify Product – Yes Packaged with Other Products – Yes Added to Paid Membership Websites – Yes Added to Free Membership Websites – Yes May Publish Offline – Yes May Sell on Auction Websites – Yes

Email Master Pro MRR

Isn’t it time you joined the list of experienced marketers who know their emails are getting through the spam filters? It’s easy for all of the big marketers to tell you that the money is in the list (how many times have you read that); and that email marketing is the answer to generating mountains of cash. However, what they don’t tell you is how to make sure your email actually arrives in your prospects inbox. Maybe you’ve seen emails from some of the top marketers where they use terms like ‘get this free” or “big sale”? eMail Master Pro injects those special characters just by clicking a button!… And formats paragraphs so emails arrive neat and presentable.? It also creates both text and html formatted messages depending on what type of message you want to send.

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What This Amazing Software Does: Set up banner advertisements on unlimited web pages and start seeing more clicks to your offers! Promote complimentary products using our special banners on your sales pages and show your visitors you care! Increase your sales made at your website naturally with just one banner that catches attention immediately! This software generates one simple script that displays your banner ad automatically on your squeeze page, sales pages, blog etc.! User-friendly interface makes it easy to replicate the whole banner advertising process for all your different websites! And Much Much More!

Auto Mass Traffic

Auto Mass Traffic Review Since the success of his Rapid Mass Traffic product, Mo Latif has spent months developing and creating an innovative traffic creation package. This in-depth course shows you the precise steps needed to generate massive amounts of targeted traffic to your websites and blogs easily. Auto Mass Traffic is designed to give you the most up to date traffic generation methods that will attract visitors to your sites in droves. Every step you need to take is covered with detailed explanations and elaborate examples to make sure you’re on the right track. You’ll receive detailed instructions, diagrams and explanations as well as hours of high quality videos that allow you to see exactly what you need to do each step of the way. The traffic generation methods you’re taught include both free and paid methods, including how to master Pay per Click advertising as well as harnessing the power of article marketing Driving targeted traffic with search engine is the first module. Along come the 2nd and 3rd modules detailing the aspect of Video and syndication marketing and taking advantage of the traffic generating aspect of the medium. Social marketing is dealt with the next two modules. The hottest method of getting targeted traffic at the moment is social networking and media, and you are taught how to do this. This course goes in depth with the other modules covering topics like PPC marketing and on-site advertising. Auto Mass Traffic review is the ultimate guide to learning how to build and create massive amounts of traffic easily. You’re given the keys to unlock a steady stream of visitors to your site whenever you want them. Take the opportunity to educate yourself about how to build up powerful traffic generation methods that could save you time and money.

Ebook Creation Toolkit

Discover How You Can Make Money Online From Your Very Own eBook Creation With ebook creation toolkit,create your very own profitable ebook is simple and a breeze. In this package you will get information on how to write, market and sell your first eBook. And you will also learn how to increase your sales using eBooks! From the second you make your purchase you will receive the following eBooks that will help you on your way to writing and promoting your very own eBook. A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing eBooks Your eBook Daily Marketing Plan Self Publishing at the Speed of Thought Computer Goldmine eBook Submitter My 3 Most Guarded Secrets To Writing Information Products that Sell! How to Create a Great eBook Even if You Dont Know a Font from a Folio eBook Marketing “Now and Forever” How To Start Your Own Internet Bookshop (For Under $100!) Create Your Own Info Product Post-A-Book How to Write, Create, Promote and Sell and eBook on the Web The Launch of the eBook 57 Free eBook Articles Ebooks: A Complete Guide to Self Publishing Ebook-O-Matic 5 Ways to Create PDF eBooks and Reports Without Adobe 7 Ways to Double or Triple Your eBook Downloads How to Start with Internet Marketing 55 eBook Marketing Opportunities eBook Authors Interviewed eBook Bonanza A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own eBooks Create PDF eBooks Instantly Creating eBooks eBook Wiz eCover Secrets Revealed eBook Profits How to Publish Your eBook Easily & Cheaply The InfoProduct Masters Course Successful Information Publishing Info Product Creation Handbook From ZERO to HERO In addition to the above eBooks you will also learn how to create your own eBook cover with the following products: eBook Cover Tutorial – Learn how to make great looking eBook covers! Templates – Templates for use with the eBook Cover Tutorial! eBook Cover Vault – Even more templates for the eBook Cover Tutorial! Cover Art Tutorial – Learn how to make great looking eBook covers! Do-It-Yourself Eye Catching eCovers – Another cover tutorial! eBook Cover Gallery – Just add text to these eBook templates! eBook Cover Templates – Just add text to these eBook templates! 101 Covers – Just add text to these eBook templates! We have also included a few eBook compilers that you can use! With your purchase you not only gain a knowledge about making and selling eBooks but you also get resale rights to this package! OR you could sell most of the items individually! AND you also get lifetime updates! This is a package that you cant afford to pass by!

Create Your First eCommerce Site

If you have a business that sells physical goods and that business does not yet have an active internet presence, consider this. In 2008, online retail trade turnover in the US measured somewhere around $230 billion, which represented some 10% of total US retail sales! Even with the recent economic downturn, the percentage of retail trade that is transacted online is set to keep growing throughout the commercialized world as the internet becomes more sophisticated and efficient, while ‘high street’ businesses are constantly on the lookout to expand their customer base still further. In fact, if you have a real world, ‘bricks and mortar’ business that is not represented online, there has never been a better time to get your business online. Even if you already have a web site, unless you keep abreast of the latest online business trends and thinking – and you are probably too busy running a business for that – the chances are that your site is not doing what it should do. What if you are thinking about starting a business that supplies physical goods, but you have not yet done so? Once again, there could be no better time to think about doing so (and therefore no better time to be reading this book) because despite the phenomenal growth of online business over the past few years, we are only scratching the e-commerce surface at the moment. There seems little doubt that in the next few years, there is likely to be a global explosion in e-commerce as potential consumers become more accustomed and comfortable transacting business online. There is an awful lot to think about when you are considering taking your business online, an array of questions and alternatives that you need to address before diving in. This is a given, but it is not something that you need be too concerned about, as I am going to analyze and discuss these aspects of e-commerce as we move through this book. Let’s start by considering why taking your business online is such a good idea, and why there has never been a better time to do so than now. Why e-commerce works, and why now more than ever… There are plenty of reasons why starting an e-commerce site for your business makes a great deal of sense for both you and your prospects and customers. There might never be a better time than right now. From your own businesses point of view, if you have a way of enabling customers to transact business online through an e-commerce site, you stand to benefit from many advantages. Firstly, being able to offer your products online instantly multiplies your market reach beyond your neighborhood or city to take in the whole of the country, or even perhaps the whole of the world. While there are some potential problems in dealing with the global marketplace – arranging delivery, accepting online payments and things of that nature – these problems are far less troublesome nowadays than they were even a couple of years ago. Online security is better than ever, so whereas accepting secure online payments for transactions conducted online might have given you cause for concern in the past, it should no longer do so because online payment systems have improved since those times. Added to this is the fact that global markets are becoming inherently more open, meaning that it is becoming more normal for people to trade across borders. Nowadays, it is not that much more difficult to buy goods from China than it is to buy goods from a town 20 km down the road. If you are thinking of starting a new business, then cash flow is always an extremely important consideration, and once again, operating an online business has significant advantages over running a business from a high street store or an office in a tower block. Firstly, in contrast to running a real-world business, you do not need significant amounts of start-up capital to launch an online business. There is no need to rent premises (removing a drain on your income), you do not need bank loans to fund inventory purchase (another cash drain) and staff are for the most part something that other people need to worry about (although taking on staff once your business starts to generate an income is certainly something that you will need to consider). As a general rule, most businesses that sell their products online will get paid more quickly when they do so than if they were trading locally. This makes a good deal of sense, because in many situations, if you are dealing outside your locality or even outside your country, you’re not likely to release the goods until payment is received, but if you are trading locally, it is probably far more common to extend credit terms to your customers. All businesses that operate online are playing on an absolutely level field as well. Whether you are the biggest multinational or a small, one person operation makes no difference as far as your customers are concerned. They cannot have any concept of how big your operation is from your website (as long as it is constructed professionally), and as long as you operate professionally, the size of your business is irrelevant. This is noticeably different from the way it works in the real world, where customers will often deal with big businesses rather than small ones because of (an often misguided) belief that by doing so, they are getting the best prices and dealing with the most professional operators. However, it is not only your business that will benefit from your e-commerce enabled website, because as well as opening up markets that you had no way of accessing before, it also makes life far easier for your existing customers. Think of it this way. If you have an existing customer who is 10 km from your store, is it easier for them to order the products they want online and have them delivered or for them to jump in their car to come and collect? How about someone who lives 100 km from your store? If you have no e-commerce website, those people are never going to become your customers, because between you and them there are likely to be lots of places where they can buy what they need – but now, they can do exactly the same as your local customers. They can order online and have the goods delivered to their door. What you are offering to your customers with an e-commerce site is convenience and a high-quality buying experience. You are allowing them to do everything in their own time from the comfort of their home, while also ensuring that they are not put under any pressure to buy by some high-commission salesman. There is another extremely important aspect to this as well. One of the most amazing aspects of having an e-commerce site is the ability of that site to impact on your sales and marketing efforts almost immediately. To learn more get your copy now

Supercharged Linking

With SuperChargedLinking, you can offer a place for others to post their link with the distinct advantage of knowing yours is in place FIRST, before they post theirs! SuperChargedLinking is VERY easy to install. You need ONE mysqyl database, and it installs in just a few minutes with easy to follow instructions. The script is written in PHP and will work on almost all UNIX or Linux Servers.

Affiliate Basic Videos

“Now You Can Have Your Own Exclusive Non-Transferable, Private Label Rights to Affiliate Basics Videos” Dear Friend, Suppose you could learn detailed step-by-step video tutorials on how to earn & profit from promoting affiliate programs. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t if you have the right learning tools & step-by-step video tutorials. It could take you many days and weeks and can even cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations to make that installation and setup work – while others fall flat on their face. But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right learning tools, you can now have an entire collection of my hard-hitting online video tutorials for your, ready at your beck and call. Introducing:- Article Marketing 101 Video #1 This video walks you through the introduction of affiliate marketing. It also shows you where to find products to promote. Video Time: 17 min 4 sec Video #2 This video shows you how to use article marketing to promote affiliate programs. Video Time: 9 min 35 sec Video #3 This video shows you how to use autoresponder messages to pre-sell affiliate programs to your list of subscribers. Video Time : 9 min 7 sec Video #4 This video walks you through on how to use product review templates to pre-sell and promote affiliate programs effectively. Video Time : 7 min 56 sec Here’s What You will get- Source File In AVI & Flash (SWF) Format – you get both the complete Flash (SWF) and editable source (AVI) file to this product. Professional Sales Letter & Website Files to this product. Beautifully Designed Video E-Cover

Affiliate Link Cloaker Pro

Discover How You Can Increase Your Affiliate Link Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) And Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions By Masking Your Ugly Affiliate Links Using The Affiliate Link Cloaker Pro Features and benefits: Create and cloak all of your affiliate links anywhere on your site Protect your hard earned affiliate commissions by hiding your affiliate links Instantly transform those long affiliate URLs into links that look just like any another page of your site Avoid Spam Filters when sending your links out to your lists Improve link SEO by creating links indexable by Google Increase click-through-ratio by hiding obvious affiliate link URLs Install and start using within minutes from now Master Resell Rights (MRR) are included and Private Label Rights (PLR) are included.

50 WordPress Adsense Ready Niche Theme

50 WordPress AdSense Ready & Optimized Themes Of Different Niches

Turbo Link Expirator

Turbo Link Expirator Boost Your Marketing Ventures With… Intelligent Links! Simply put, the Turbo Link Expirator is the automated solution that makes self-expiring links possible. With this innovative tool, you can create intelligent links that are capable of knowing: when they were clicked; when their timers will run; when to lead visitors to where you want them to go; and when to lead visitors to a “sorry page” once the offer has elapsed; and With the Turbo Link Expirator, you are always the boss. You determine the period when your offer will be valid. But the Turbo Link Expirator will also empower you. You won’t have to be a slave to the period you have fixed. The period won’t have to be dependent on a specific date. Instead, the period will depend on WHEN THE PROSPECT CLICKED ON THE LINK! Amazing, isn’t it? You want to know more? How about this: the Turbo Link Expirator doesn’t require deep knowledge on programming languages. There is no need for a manual (though support is always available). It’s so easy to use that you can distribute your links within a minute of using this fantastic tool! Simply log in to the admin panel, designate your destination website, set the timer, and your link will be generated. Just like that and you’ have intelligent links ready to take some sales! Just imagine the many things you can do with the Turbo Link Expirator: You can create personalized urgency marketing campaigns, as we have discussed earlier, but that’s not all… You can use these intelligent links as contests or time-sensitive pop quizzes for your prospects to spice up your pitches. You can use these self-expiring links as reminders for your prospects for a variety of events you may choose to run. You can use these self-expiring links to give away your freebies and condition your audience’s minds that yours is a business that is generous, but is true to its words. If you say that an offer is good for so and so number of days, then it’s good for so and so number of days. Want a marketing blitz? The Turbo Link Expirator allows you to set periods that last for mere hours. You can have a multitude of campaigns in one day! And here is the cherry on the pie… Turbo Link Expirator ALSO HIDES: the REAL address of your link.. the actual code of your page too…! Do you want to test the POWER of this script? Give it a spin… Try the links below and also try to discover the actual URL of the pages… Also try to see the content, the source of the pages…

Turbo PDF

Finally, A Revolutionary Solution That Will Help You Churn Out Customized Copies Of Your Viral Documents Faster Than You Can Say ‘This Is One Freaking’ Fantastic Offer! TurboPDF Create Your PDF Files Easily! Offer PDF files That Can Be Customized In A Snap! Whether you’re a veteran who has been converting PDF files for years, or a novice who has never created a PDF file his/her entire life, the magnificent TurboPDF on the fly solution will make your life so much easier and your business so much more effective! Armed with an excitingly impressive engine, the TurboPDF will convert your HTML files into PDF documents in a matter of SECONDS! There is no more need to manually sift through each and every document for each and every affiliate. There is no more need to create new products for your viral marketing campaign just to accommodate a change in your business’ details. There is no more need to spend the entire day customizing a Private Label Rights product just to include your affiliate links. The TurboPDF solution has you covered! And in an amazing fashion, all of these can be done in three simple steps that even your kids would enjoy doing! 1. Create your viral material in HTML format and use special tags for the links. 2. Feed the viral material into the TurboPDF, and the latter will read the special tags and prepare a FORM which you or your affiliates can use to customize your, or their, copies. Alternatively you can use just 1 URL and… 3. Send the URL to your affiliates or direct them to a form on your site. Once you or your affiliates click that URL OR fill in the FORM, a PDF file of the HTML document will be generated, with the appropriate links included. And this entire process will just take a few seconds!!!

Awesome Link Effects

Give Your Website Some ALE (Awesome Link Effects) – No More Boring Old Links Opening In A new Window Now You Can Keep Your Visitors On YOUR Website Regardless Of Where You Link To! ALE is a script that runs on a php server that gives you a set of forms, you fill in the details for the effect you want, press a button, and up pops the html code you paste into your webpage for the link

Christmas Tweet Graphics

“Get Christmas Tweet Graphics With Private Label Rights At A MASSIVE Discount! Send Your Sales Through The Roof With Powerful, Stunning Graphics That Mesmerize Your Customer, Ooze Professionalism, Enhance Your Credibility, And Boost Conversions!” And To Kick-Start Your Money-Making Mini Sites In A FLASH! This Graphic Pack include: Christmas-Lights-Tweetsm Christmas Tweet Graphics Christmas twitter Christmas Tweet_2 Private Label Rights License: [Yes] You may add / edit or remove content [Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for products sold [Yes] Can be packaged with products for sale [Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites [Yes] Includes graphics [Yes] Can sell Master Resale Rights [Yes] Can sell Resale Rights [Yes] Can be given away [Yes] Can sell Private Label Rights Grab Yours Now! It’s For A Limited Time Only…

123 Go Graphics

Get 123 Go Graphic At A MASSIVE Discount! Send Your Sales Through The Roof With Powerful, Stunning Graphics That Mesmerize Your Customer, Ooze Professionalism, Enhance Your Credibility, And Boost Conversions! Get this high quality professionally designed Graphic pack that is ready to use right away. Description: Component 1: 4 Awesome Photoshop Action Scripts You receive four (4) Adobe Photoshop Action Scripts that can take your flat designs and turn them into awesome HIGH quality, 3-Dimension E-covers – instantly! With these action scripts, you can create covers for your: E-Book, Box Cover, Compact Disc (CD), and even Membership Pass! As these scripts come in .ATN format, you only need Adobe Photoshop program installed in your hard drive in order to use them. (Version CS2 and above is recommended for maximum usage of these scripts!) Imagine, creating covers like these at the push of the button! And believe it or not, you only need to take 3 easy steps in churning out superb covers like those shown above! Here’s how: Step #1: Load the action script of your choice in Adobe Photoshop. Step #2: Insert the cover of your choice. Step #3: Push the button and let the script do all the action for you! It really is that simple! But in order to make full use of these awesome action scripts, you need to have… Component 2: 123 GO GRAPHICS Quick Start Hand Book 17 Letter-Size Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download You will also receive a quick start guide to using the action scripts. This is especially helpful if this is your first time using Adobe Photoshop scripts. My manual will show you how YOU can easily use the scripts – step by step – and I can confidently guarantee you’ll be able to grasp all of what you need to know about using the scripts to design your covers for you under 60 minutes, possibly half an hour. The guide is written in “easy to understand” English as all the technical jargons have been stripped off so you don’t have to worry even if English is NOT your first language! But wait, there’s more! Component 3: 20 Professionally Designed Pre-Made Cover Templates Lazy to create your own cover templates from scratch? No problem! Together with the action scripts and manual, you will also receive over 20 professionally pre-made cover templates you can use and edit for your own! That’s: 5 E-book covers, 5 Box covers, 5 CD covers, and 5 Membership Pass covers! With these 20 PSD covers, you can edit anyhow you like or simply change the text to suit your preference! And to wrap up the offer, here’s something you’ll find very useful for your cover design purpose: Component 4: Bonus! 30 Fancy, Funky Fonts (FREE!) I have searched and collected over 30 cool, FREE fonts online that you can use in your cover designs, too! That should save you time in searching or buying funky fonts. Also, you don’t have to rely on using the same, ole’ default fonts installed in your computer, adding more variety to your cover designs! Component 5: Bonus! Master Resell Rights (FREE!) Exclusive Rights To This Brand New, HOT Product And Start Selling For Profits Using My Marketing Materials… You Keep 100% Of The Sales! Master Resale Rights License: [Yes] Can be packaged. [Yes] can be offered as a bonus. [Yes] can be added to paid membership sites. [No ] can be added to free membership sites. [Yes] can sell this product. [No ] can be offered through auction sites. [Yes] can sell resale rights. [Yes] can sell master resale rights. [No ] can sell private label rights. Grab Yours Now! It’s For A Limited Time Only…

Turbo Newsletter Manager

The money’s in your list! How many times have you heard or read those words before? A couple of times? A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? Those words have been mentioned countless times, and you know why? Because they’re true… they’re VERY true! Studies show that, on the average, it will take 12 contacts with a prospect before he’ll decide to purchase from you. 12 contacts! That’s a lot. It means that seldom are the times when a prospect will immediately buy from you right after visiting your sales page for the very first time. Heck, equally as rare are the times when a prospect will buy from you on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th or even 10th visit. You have to keep in touch with him. You must be able to remind him that your business exists and that your offer stands… and such a reminder must be delivered 12 times – on the average! This presents some particularly daunting challenges. How are you supposed to contact your prospect for that long a period? How are you supposed to keep him interested in your offers? How can you condition his mind to expect your messages with anticipation and to accept your offers with an open mind? The answer, of course, is something that veteran Internet marketers have long known: email marketing. Email marketing is also called a follow-up system because it “follows up” on your leads. You will be able to establish good relationships with them. You will be able to invite them to your virtual activities. You will be able to inform them of your current and future offers. And yes, you will be able to contact them 12 times – and even more – enough for them to purchase from you. Hence, the words that ring so very true: the money’s in your list. Yet, more than 50% of email marketing campaigns fail. Do you want to know why? Well, there are many possible reasons, ranging from poor autoresponder service chosen that fails to properly schedule the delivery of the emails, to ill-prepared messages that cannot invite any sales, to carelessly prepared messages that alert the attention of the spam filters. But the number one reason why email marketing campaigns fail is this: failure to capture the interest of the prospects. Before you can capture their contact details, you must first capture their attention. And to capture their attention, you must arouse their interests. Then and only then will you be able to get them to subscribe to your mailing list. Then and only then can your email marketing campaign truly start. But it’s not enough to capture their interests. It is just as important that you keep their interests; otherwise, they’ll leave just as quickly as they’ve subscribed. The Best Way To Win And Keep Their Attention: Electronic Newsletters Electronic newsletters, or electronic magazines, or eZines as they are fondly called these days, are the most potent “bait” to lure prospects to your mailing list. The Internet is fueled by information. People log online to find the information they need. Electronic newsletters deliver news… news is the latest form of information. Hence, if you’d dangle a constant supply of information to the members of your target market, you’d have better chances of capturing their contact details and you’d have better chances of making them stay for a long, long time to come. I have heard many Internet marketers say, “if you’re not publishing an eZine, you’re crazy.” I couldn’t agree more. Electronic newsletters, you see, can potentially increase your subscriber base by as much as a hundred times, and that is not an exaggeration. Electronic newsletters give them a reason to sign up. Electronic newsletters give them a reason to stay. And electronic newsletters give them something to look forward to… something that they will associate with you. And this is crucial. Why? Because by delivering to them the information they need, they will learn how to trust you, and trust is an integral part of online business. Win their trust and you’re halfway through a successful sale. How Come A Lot Of Internet Marketers Aren’t Publishing Ezines? Indeed, a great percentage of online businessmen don’t distribute their own electronic newsletters. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons: They don’t know how potent a tactic email marketing can be. They may know that email marketing is a MUST in this day and age of online business, but they are not familiar with the particular method of publishing an eZine. They may know the importance of publishing an eZine, but they don’t know how to publish it. The third is the most preponderant reason. Many online businessmen realize how much a solid email marketing campaign, powered by a highly informative newsletter, can do for their enterprises. But much as they want to hop aboard the eZine bandwagon, they don’t have the required knowledge nor the required skills to publish their own electronic newsletters. Publishing newsletters on the World Wide Web is more than just writing a collection of articles. Actually, that’s the easy part. Formatting your newsletter for the benefit of an online audience is the more difficult aspect. How can you present your newsletter? How can you make it look professional and enticing? How can you create a system that will store previous issues? How can you deliver your newsletter to your subscribers? The technical requirements of newsletter publishing is just too much for many online businessmen that they give up on the idea altogether. I Will Eradicate All Excuses About Not Publishing Your Own Newsletter With This One, Powerful Secret… Finally, you don’t have to concern yourself with the technical needs of publishing your own newsletter. I am about to introduce a fantastic and novel software that will make newsletter publication as easy as A-B-C… … and perhaps even simpler than that! Presenting the first ever program of its kind..

Turbo Page Generator

The Smart And Convenient Way Of Creating Websites In A Snap! The Turbo Website Generator is more than your average HTML editor. It is a FAST and EFFICIENT website creator that is built to generate web pages easily and expediently. You don’t know jack about HTML? No problem! The Turbo Website Generator has reduced the process of creating websites into three easy steps: 1. Choose. 2. Paste. 3. Publish. The Turbo Website Generator allows the storage of templates that you can use for your pages. Once stored, you can simply CHOOSE any of these templates to serve as the spine for the web page you are creating. Thereafter, you can simply copy and paste the content you want to add into the body of the web page. And once that’s done, you’ll be surprised to know that the Turbo Website Generator will have automatically compiled such pages into one congruent website. You can keep adding pages, and the Turbo Website Generator will make sure that the new page is included in the outline of the website itself. And when you’re done, all you have to do is click on a button and your website will be live! Take a look at the truly outstanding features of the Turbo Website Generator: -Create templates easily through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) environment. -Use existing templates that come with the Turbo Website Generator to make things even easier! -Create blocks of text for each page conveniently. -Create any number of pages using the templates you have prepared, or new pages from scratch to make them different from the rest. -Create pages FAST using the intelligent system that refreshes the text area for every new entry, without erasing the code of the template that has been selected. All you have to do is add content and the Turbo Website Generator will take care of the rest! -EXCLUSIVE: Include and manage #tags# in the source code. This is done in an automated manner. You won’t have to locate specific blocks of codes just to insert your #tags#. The Turbo Website Generator comes with a feature that allows you to specify the #tags#, and the system will automatically sort them out by itself. -Name the pages anyway you wish. This is excellent for SEO practices where the page title (containing the page’s focused keyword or key phrase) plays a significant role in attracting the attention of the search engine spiders. This is also excellent for webmasters who wish to create web pages that are easier to remember. No need to settle for web pages labeled as . You can choose a title like -EXCLUSIVE: You can choose to use a reverse method in creating a website. Create the web pages first, then compile them under one website! Everything, again, will be automated. Just point to the web pages you want to compile and the Turbo Website Generator will take care of the rest! -Add and exclude pages from a website project with ease. Just point and click. Amazing simplicity, fantastic flexibility, deep applications… these are what the Turbo Website Generator is all about! Do you want to learn how you can maximize the fabulous features of the Turbo Website Generator? -If you want to create hundreds, if not thousands, of niche sites for PPC income purposes, then the Turbo Website Generator can be your best partner for the task. With the Turbo Website Generator, you can create niche sites FAST! If you have the content prepared, it is even possible to create hundreds of websites in a few hours, and that’s no exaggeration! -If you’re running an affiliate program, you can provide your affiliates with promotional tools like web pages they can use. Give them the template and allow them to modify the content using the features of the Turbo Website Generator. -If you’re an affiliate and you wish to have a web page for every affiliate product you are promoting, then the Turbo Website Generator will help you come up with such pages within minutes after you sign up as an affiliate! -Are you a prolific product creator who comes up with new products everyday? Do you need sales pages or description pages for each of them? The Turbo Website Generator is the only program that is equally as prolific. It is the only program that will be able to keep up with your creative juices! -Do you just want to create websites? There is no easier HTML editor than the Turbo Website Generator! Personal use only.

Turbo redirector

The Turbo Redirector can be your best partner for promoting your affiliate links, without having to announce that they are affiliate links! Here’s how it works… An affiliate link normally leads the visitor to the affiliate merchant’s sales page. The problem is, people have become wary about affiliate links. The Turbo Redirector allows you to create a page that will not appear as an affiliate link. The link to this page can be used for your promotional campaigns. Thereafter, when a user clicks on this link, that page loads up, and redirects them to your affiliate link! PLUS: You can add your own LINKS, ads or tidbits of information inside YOUR page! Fantastic, isn’t it? Here’s the solution in practice. Supposing you have an affiliate link, “” Instead of marketing “” and potentially alienating a good chuck of your market, you can use the Turbo Redirector to create a new page under an existing domain name which you control. You can create a page with the link “” for example, and use the same for your marketing campaigns. And when people click on “,” they will be immediately be forwarded to “” The result? You’ll be able to offer a more presentable and attractive link without compromising your potential affiliate earnings! Truly, the wonders that the Turbo Redirector can provide for your business are immeasurable! Just take a look at the fabulous rewards the Turbo Redirector can promise for your online business. You won’t have to worry about negative consumer perception regarding the usage of your affiliate links. You’ll be able to cloak them better than any kind of masking device! Do you know WHY? Because the REAL & ACTUAL affiliate link of yours will be saved in your database! You can increase consumer confidence by presenting them with absolutely fantastic information and presenting your Turbo Redirector-made link as a supplemental resource. This is a great way to pre-sell the affiliate merchant’s products, and the best part about it is that your visitors won’t even know that you’re pre-selling some products to them! Ask any veteran marketer and he’ll tell you that the best pre-sell tactic are those that are offered organically, that is, without pretense that you’re after their dollars. You can maximize your article marketing campaigns. You can include your Turbo Redirector-made links in your articles (even in the bodies thereof!) and the article directories will accept your submissions because there will be no showing of affiliate links. In the same light, you can also maximize your forum marketing campaigns. Moderators and other members of online communities won’t even see your cloaked affiliate links, and you’ll be able to generate a lot of traffic from those sources. Since you will be able to go around several restrictions about the usage of affiliate links, you’d be able to leave your Turbo Redirector-made links all over the Internet. The result? Your link popularity will soar, and your commissions can increase!

Turbo Feedback Manager

“Finally, You Can Now Integrate An Instant Interaction System Into Your Website Which Will Allow You To Start Communicating With Your Visitors And Customers With Utmost Ease!” Transform Your Pages Into Fully Interactive Channels And Win Your Visitors’ Trust To Boost Your Web Traffic And Online Sales. Dear Valued Businessman, Time is gold. You have heard about this a lot in your online dealings, for sure. The most precious commodity in the virtual world is time. You may be running an online business, and you have come to realize that your profits are directly proportional to the amount of time involved in the many processes of its operations. Or you may have enrolled in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) program and discovered that in order to boost your page impressions, you will need to maximize the time your visitors spend on your web pages. Or perhaps you are merely running a personal site and have learned that the secret to recurring traffic is the amount of time afforded to each of your visitors so that they are encouraged to come back to your website again. There’s another component to your website’s success. It’s called interactivity. Every visitor you manage to garner will require some special attention from you. It is an established human nature that people will be more responsive to your offers if you take the time to answer their need for responses as well. If they have some queries, you need to address them so that you’ll be able to win their trust. If they have complaints, you need to attend to them so that their trust will not wane. If they have suggestions, you must let them know that you are listening to them so that they will feel reassured. Time & Interactivity These aren’t disparate concepts at all. One complements the other, and together, they give rise to a website with blistering chances to succeed. Time and interactivity. Both are integral components of a website that people respect and cherish. Both are important ingredients of an online business that is capable of an amazing conversion rate. You see, the FASTER you’re able to respond to your visitors and customers, the easier it is for them to trust your enterprise. The more INSTANTANEOUS your answers to their queries and complaints are, the more they’ll feel reassured that your business is a business that really means BUSINESS. So time and interactivity? These are two goals that you must always seek to attain. With these components firmly entrenched in your online vehicle, there’s no stopping you in your journey on that road to success. But The Problem Is… Not everyone has the skills to customize their web pages to make them interactive. As often is the case, most webmasters rely on merely leaving their email addresses on the web page itself, hoping that any concerns will be relayed to them through such a channel. But website visitors in this day and age demand something more. They demand fast replies. They demand expedient service. They demand immediate answers to their queries and concerns. It’s the call of the times. When almost everything on the Internet is capable of being delivered with digital speed, people expect more from the websites they visit. To make your website interactive, you have to integrate a variety of tools and scripts that will provide some avenues for instant communication. But this requires some knowledge of programming basics and language. If you don’t know HTML, XHTML and in some instances, CSS, you’ll just find yourself at a dead end. Additionally, making your website interactive will require a thorough sense of design. How such interactivity is promoted on your web pages will have a great effect on how your visitors will respond to your website’s message. You need to present such interactivity in an elegant and functional way. You have to make sure that the use of the interactive features will be easy for your visitors, and that their layout is pleasing to their eyes. This requires a lot from you. And not all of us are blessed with the necessary skills that can satisfy these needs. You May Now Stop Worrying. Finally, You Have A Solution That Will Provide For These Needs, And So Much More! Now, you won’t have to worry about adding efficient and expedient interactivity into your website. There’s a new, amazing, and powerful script that will provide for your web pages the interactive features they need. Not only that, this script is loaded with other fantastic features and possible applications that will elevate your website to the next level of prominence!

Turbo Comment Manager

Allowing your customers and potential customers a place to leave a comment is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. And you don’t need to shell out thousands to build the system to do it! Turbo Comments Manager makes real connection with real customers easier, safer, more manageable, and more affordable than ever before. Now you can own the benefits of no hassle blog style comment interaction from real visitors to any and all of your PHP pages securely with the ease of a one stop intuitive administrative panel. Easily within seconds! Let’s recap just a few of the ways Turbo Comments Manager makes life easier and better by adding comments to your pages: -No need for you or your customer to relearn anything. This system works almost identical to comments seen on blogs everyone is already so very comfortable with. -You can provide what people have really come to expect, the ability to have their voices heard on the Internet. -No Troublesome .PHP coding -Easy Interface -One Click Features -Full control of Comment Content -Full Image Captcha Spam Security -Oodles of Targeted email addresses for free Software for personal use only.

Turbo Campaign Tracker

he Absolutely Easiest Way To Find Out Exactly Where Your Traffic Is Coming From, So You Can Increase Conversions And Rake In The Serious Cash! Now you can test and track your internet business just like the pros do, the easy way! It’s finally time to track your traffic, and stop playing guessing games with your internet business! Here are just some ideas of how you can use this script to unleash the cash flow into your internet business… To track multiple offers at the same time, no need to waste time hopping from stats area to stats area… it’ll all be under one roof. To test different versions of the same offer at the same time… you can set up different versions of the same page on your domain… and see where the traffic is coming from… then get true results based on science, not ignorance. To track your PPC spending from one location… simply plug in your cost per click, and you can figure out how much you’re spending… avoiding wasted marketing budgets. In membership sites… to isolate what hot buttons are driving your market, so you can custom tailor your membership… once you know who’s looking at your site…and who’s referring traffic to your site…you start to gain an advanced understanding of your market.. which is invaluable. INTERESTING IDEA: You could use this script to track individual keyword performance and traffic automatically. Plus much, much more (get creative) You create the environment for customers to get crazy in… then sit back and relax as your campaign unfolds automatically at full performance…not weak performance. Software for personal use only.

Turbo Brander

Create brandable PDF files that your affiliates can brand easily! This is an alternative to viralPDF with the exception that it cannot brand text. You can create brandible PDF files and allow your affiliates to brand the links inside the document easily. Software for personal use only. Click To Download Related posts:Turbo URL Shrinker PRO

Turbo A to Z

Turbo A to Z is a fantastic tool that will help you generate an index table linked to a solid database. The best way to explain this is through an illustration… Suppose you’re running a website about recipes, and your goal is to host thousands of recipes on your web pages. Surely, an index will greatly help your visitors sort out the content they need, right? But manually preparing such an index will be time-consuming. If you’re doing it alone, chances are, you’ll give up before you even finish. Enter the Turbo A To Z! With this amazing program, you can create an index in 3 simple steps: 1. Create a project. 2. Define relationships; i.e. name/description, word/definition or, as is the case for recipes, title/instructions. 3. Generate index page and connecting pages. Indeed, in just 3 easy steps, you’ll have an index page (or HTML code you can embed on your existing website if one already exists) ready to be published. But that’s not all. The Turbo A To Z automatically arranges the entries alphabetically, and categorizes them under their corresponding letter. If you defined the title ‘”Anchovy pizza,’” it will be placed under the letter ‘”A’” as a clickable link. When the user clicks on it, he will be directed to a page where the instructions for such a recipe can be found. Yes, the Turbo A to Z doesn’t only generate the index page… it generates all the pages that the entries connect to as well! The Turbo A to Z streamlines the process of creating organized databases. Just imagine the many applications for this unique solution: Use it to create your very own online dictionary! Use it to create an encyclopedia specific to the niche you’re tackling. Use it as a reference table for just about anything, ranging from pharmaceutical guides, to comic book databases, to antique checklists, to any other listing you can think of! Use it as a comprehensive address book for your personal or professional usage. Use it as a repository of secrets that your visitors can unlock… this can be so much fun for them! Use it as an inventory for the items you have in stock. Use it a FAQ system! There are so many other uses for the Turbo A to Z. Basically, any database that requires 2 interlinked categories will find the Turbo A to Z as a heaven sent. It is an answer to the prayers of webmasters who have to sort out thousands of entries by themselves just to come up with a well-categorized content website. So, if you want to create properly categorized, alphabetized, and interlinking databases in a matter of minutes, the Turbo A to Z is the solution that will fulfill your needs! Grab this one-of-a-kind database-building partner today! Turbo AtoZ is a PHP/MySQL script that works on any server that supports the PHP language! An online manual is also offered! This is meant for PERSONAL USE ONLY

Special Offer Manager

Creating a Special Offer so Fantastic that Only a Lunatic Would Refuse to Buy is Just the Beginning… Your Ultimate Goal Really is to… Get Your Visitors to BUY RIGHT NOW! Special Offer Manager will allow you to create your Special Offers in some seconds and will manage them for you, expire them and replace all messages, and also add your customers to your newsletter or to any other autoresponder you’ll define – all done for you 100% AUTOMATICALLY! Special Offer Manager (SOM) has been developed with 1 goal in mind: to get people pushing (virtually), and shoving their way to your Web site so they can buy what you have to offer NOW. And the best part about all of this is that everything is done for you automatically! Click here to read a report for SOM by a user (a new window opens) Here is what SOM does for you: It allows you to define 3 different messages: One message that will be displayed until your special offer is ready to run. One message that will be displayed when your special offer is running. And the final message that will be displayed when the special offer is over. All done automatically for you. You just define the messages and the type of your special offer. You can create a special offer based on: the number of orders taken the number of days your special offer will last the number of minutes your special offer will last combinations of the above: you can run a special offer for your product for 2 days or until 10 orders will be placed; or you can create a special offer running for 30 minutes OR until 20 orders will be placed – which one ends first. SOM can also display: The number of orders your product will be offered and the number of orders LEFT. The number of days your special offer will last and the number of days LEFT. The number of minutes your special offer will last and the number of orders LEFT. And combinations of this information! As it has already been mentioned you can even use SOM for FUTURE special offers. That is: you can setup a special offer to be available on a SPECIFIC DAY and last for specific number of days, orders or MINUTES! SOM will even COUNT the days and will display this counting down to your visitors or even the days/minutes/seconds left when your special offer is running! With SOM you can also create SEQUENTIAL special offers! For example, you can create 2 special offers: One for offering your product for $19.97 and for 2 days only. And another one for offering the same product for $27.00 for the next 50 orders. Create those special offers and just tell SOM to continue with offer No. 2 when offer No. 1 ends. It’s just that easy! You can follow-up with as many special offer you want: create 10 special offers and direct each one of them to follow-up with the next in the row, so No. 2 will be displayed when No.1 is over, then comes No. 3, No. 4 when No. 3 is ended, etc… You can even create your special offers in such a way so each new offer will be running once a week for a specific number of orders, days, minutes, etc… This is an ideal solutions for example, when offering special prices for your ezine ads (say 10 ads each week through special pricing!) You just have to create your offers and insert 2 pieces of javascript code in your pages. SOM will calculate the orders, days, minutes and discontinue displaying the special messages for your offer, or replace them with the messages from the next offer when your special offer ends, etc. SOM is an INTELLIGENT script. You do know that following-up with customers is the A and Z for your sales, right? So, SOM will be the perfect companion for your autoresponder: You can add ALL users/customers of ALL your special offers to 1 autoresponder/ mailing list. This could be your members’ mailing list, an autoresponder you created especially for SOM, etc. Additionally, you can add the users/customers of a SPECIFIC special offer to a SEPARATE autoresponder/mailing list. This way customers of product B can automatically receive an email with the information they need to download their purchase – or any information related to the product they bought from you. You can also give your users and customers an additional option to subscribe with your newsletter immediately after the completion of their orders. You sit back and watch SOM do it’s magic. No more counting the number of orders left. No more counting the days left. No more counting the number of MINUTES left. No more manually replacing & editing your web pages according to when the special offer lasts. No more manually adding users to your autoresponders. No more manually sending critical information to buyers. PLUS: You can get SOM running in your server in some minutes – OR YOUR MONEY BACK! Installation is a piece of cake! You can create unlimited special offers: based on sales, based on time or both. You can insert unlimited special offers in the SAME Web page. You can add, edit or delete your orders in a snap! You don’t need a database! You don’t need cron!

SEO Traffic Thief

Discover How A New Software Can Help You To Get On Google First Page By Allowing You To Practically Steal Traffic Search Rankings From Your Competitors Every internet marketers have the same common ambition that is to get their very own website on first page results of Google but rarely anyone knows how to do it. But what are the benefits for getting on the first page of google? The benefits are you will drive web traffic to your website and make sales. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online website. Without traffic there will be no potential sales and opt-ins. Unleash How A Simple Software Can Help You Get On First Page Of Google By Stealing Traffic Rankings Right From Under Your Competitors Nose Instead of just blindly optimizing your content and hoping for the best, now you can snoop on your competitors and nab their traffic fast! The power and simplicity of SEO Traffic Thief will absolutly astound you SEO Traffic Thief allows you to carefully analyze the data and find out what makes other marketers’ content rank so darn high. You’ll be able to delve into their SEO tactics and copy their secrets for your own use! No website is safe from this powerful and extremely easy to use software! You can go above and beyond by breaking down their tactics and then improving upon them so you’re not only stealing their traffic, you’re getting more than they ever could! What makes this tool so effective is that is extremely fast and extremely easy to learn. You don’t have to have to be a computer hacker or even be extremely good with computers to be able to use this software. You’ll be cracking your competitors in no time! Analyze and Conquer with this software! SEO Traffic Thief will act as your personal agent and find out all the pertinent information about any content that you want. After you’ve analyzed the content you’ll get detailed information about it that will allow you to find out how it’s being optimized for search engines and how you can copy those tactics for yourself. You’ll receive a host of advanced tools that allow you to manipulate and refine the results so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you have the information it’s up to you how you use it. You can cut into your competitor’s traffic by taking over their search results and turning their own marketing tactics against them. SEO Traffic Thief also has a complete set of tools for creating your own SEO campaigns including an article spinner that blows most other article spinners out of the water! Once you start using SEO Traffic Thief and the powerful tools it comes with, you’ll be rising to the top and leaving your competitors in the dust in no time! SEO Traffic Thief uses Research and Refinement instead of Chance and Luck! The reason that your competitors, or anyone is a successful Internet marketer is because they used research instead of just guessing or relying on free automated systems for traffic. SEO Traffic Thief allows you to do research on an extremely advanced level that will put you light years ahead of the rest! With a click of the mouse you’ll be able to analyze articles and documents in a way that no free tool has done or ever will do. You’ll receive in-depth information on what makes the content tick. What pulls the traffic to it and what the search engines are looking for. After you’ve analyzed the data you have a number of options. For one you can simply keep the information in mind when you’re designing your next site within the same niche. You can also use SEO Traffic Thief’s built-in article spinner to spin articles using keyword ratios that match the article or content that you first analyzed. You can further refine this by selecting only the best keywords and determining the exact ratios you want before spinning up as many articles as you want as well! Stop Wasting Time On SEO Tactics That Don’t Work! Start Stealing Traffic and Rise to the top! This software is extremely easy to set up. One of the things that makes marketing software such a hard thing to invest in is the ease of use. Here’s are some of the SEO Traffic Thief features To Succeed! Discovers The Best Content – To write articles that get thousands of hits a month, you need to find the top viewed articles. SEO Traffic Theif makes it easy, enter a seed keyword, and click search! Carefully Analyses Keywords – SEO Traffic Theif checks keyword combinations and shows how many times they feature in the article and title. Ranks Keywords – This is where SEO Traffic Theif is invaluable. After I checking on the keywords with one click you can check the keyword ranking for Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will quickly see just how the article is getting the traffic. Estimates Traffic and Search Density – SEO Traffic Theif returns the monthly Google searches for keywords together with a traffic estimate for being in the top 4 spots in Google results. Create a Word Filter List – You can add/remove words that you don’t want to check for. This is easy to add to (simply right click on any keyword to add it to the filter list). Article Content Extraction – Essential for your research, and rewriting is to have a copy of the high ranking article text. SEO Traffic Theif automatically parses the article for you. You can save and reopen any article. Exports Data – Save the keyword data to open later in MS Office, MS Works or Open Office. Complete Multitasking – Select the articles to analyze, and let the software do the rest Powerful Spinner Included – powerful spinner includes user built (and ever expanding synonym database). Make automatic or manual changes. Make changes based on your commonly used replacements, or on the whole user synonym databas And here are the key benefits you’ll experience when using this software: Get in-depth analysis of website content, articles and blog posts! Discover the keyword secrets other marketers use to get loads of traffic! Use your newly acquired information to create tons of optimized content! The article spinner’s synonym database learns and grows as you use it! The software has a clean, modern interface and is not confusing to use! If you are ready to start ranking in high volume of web traffic for your website and skyrockets your online sales, check out Resell Rights Home Base Business Tools Membership And Ebook Store Products SEO Traffic Thief Related articles Grassroots SEO – Strategy, Process & Life Cycle ( Push Your Site To The Top With These SEO Tips ( What is search engine optimisation (SEO)? ( Analytics for Local SEO ( Google isn’t the only way to drive traffic to a business website ( How To Find The Best SEO Company? ( how to increase google page ranking and backlinks to get more traffic ( How To Get More Traffic Than Your Competitors ( Importance of Keyword in SEO : Beginners Guide ( Get More Traffic With This Post ( No Google Search Traffic Despite Great Content? Here’s Why ( The Importance of SEO For Effective Internet Marketing ( SEO Your Business for Local Search ( How Google Changes to Keyword Referrals Affect Your SEO Reporting ( How to Get Massive Level of Traffic With the help of SEO Program ( Techniques to prevent Black Hat Seo Services ( Easy but Powerful Internet Marketing Tactics ( Ebook “SEO Rules!” ( The Right Way to do On Page SEO ( 7 Sure-Fire Signs Your SEO Sucks ( SEO and user experience – a perfect couple ( 5 Steps to a Better SEO Strategy ( 7 web tools to detect useful insights and trends | Web SEO Analytics ( How to get more traffic to your website – SEO ( Internet Traffic Taking A Drop? Try These Basic SEO Tips! ( Keywords And Backlinks Importance ( Real Estate SEO ( Good SEO Systems To Help Succeed ( 5 Underused SEO Tips to Make Your Blog Uber-Successful ( Why PPC and SEO are a brilliant team ( Top 3 SEO KPI’s ( SEO: Tips for Improvement ( What are best practice SEO techniques? ( Website Search Improvement (

SEO Link Bot

SEO Link Robot is the new kid on the block when it comes down to creating web 2.0 farms with a click of the button. Unlike the competition (and SENuke specifically), SEO Link Robot can be purchased with a ONE time fee (around 200 bucks) rather than a permanent, “two figure lease” each month. The software (as of December, 2010), costs around $200 bucks. Now this is pretty expensive price to pay. SEO Link Bot is actually a bunch of programs all linked together. There’s a web 2.0 bot, a RSS bot, a social bookmarking bot, and a web 2.0 mini net bot, and a Pinger Bot. Many of these bots are tied together. So you get quite a bit included in the package. So is it worth it? We’ll get to that in a bit. Here’s what the “main” program does according to the website: Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot (22+ sites and growing) Auto Create ‘Random’ Open link wheel structures using simple article tags Uses either inline article or footer urls tag linking Spins and submits your articles and auto links url’s Auto builds you backlinks from web 2.0 properties Auto Social Bookmarks all of your links Auto RSS feed submissions for your RSS feeds Automatically de-captchas using Death By Captcher or Decaptcher Automates the verification of your emails Creates web 2.0 accounts on auto pilot Creates mini networks from your web 2.0 properties Ok that’s the official line. Here’s my “layman’s” breakdown of the main features: Create Accounts with over 22 web 2.0 sites and posts content (spun or unspun) Create Accounts with nearly a dozen social book mark sites Create Accounts with 2 RSS feed aggrigators Posts content to created web 2.0 accounts then submit each to social bookmarks and rss feeds Create mini web 2.0 farms (ala SE NUKE) out of your web 2.0 properties. Now there are OTHER features that come with the program that I’ll discuss in a later update. But the “guts” of this program is the ability to create web 2.0 accounts, post content, then link all the sites together and to your money site. Anyone whose familiar with some of the article submission software programs like Article Demon or Article Marketing Robot will be familiar with how the automatic account creation works. There are actually two types of web 2.0 submissions you can do. Fill 22 web 2.0′s with content and links (you specify how many and to what) Create clusters of 5 web 2.0′s that link to each other and a single site (a linkwheel) Basically, this is SENuke LIGHT without the major bloat and monthly fee. I’ve been using the program for a couple days now and I do like it. It’s got a lot of potential and it’s fairly fast to submit. The program does what it promises to do: creates web 2.0 link farms with the click of the button. The Good Easy to create accounts and submit to web 2.0′s Interface is clean and well set up Submissions pretty quick Different linking options (straight submit to web 2.0s or create link clusters) CHEAP compared to SE Nuke (one time fee of 200 versus 147 a month) Bookmarks and RSS’s each web 2.0 post (if you choose to) Support for Death by Captacha and Decaptchar to automate submissions completely A good reporting system (you can easily see all posts submitted for a profile, feed URL’s posted, etc). Makes it easy to grab the URL’s so you can do furthur backlinking work on them The Bad Not all web 2.0′s work. –There are 22 web 2.0′s supported, but I’m finding that only 70% of them allow you to create an account and post! Needs more Web 2.0′s. — There are only 22 included, and a good 5-6 of those don’t work at all! This bot would be far more effective if had 40 or 50 web 2.0s. More will be added with future updates, so we’ll see what we end up with in a month or two… Only has 2nd Tier web 2.0′s – Most of the web 2.0′s are second tier (not high authority). Not present are,,, and so on. This means that unless you do a lot of secondary backlinking to your web 2.0′s, you won’t see them ranking very high naturally — not like say an ezine, hubpage, or even squidoo would. is included, BUT, in my experience, wordpress is draconian about keeping off crap. Any sort of marketing article will likely be removed from No direct support for proxies – There is indirect support for a proxy, but you have to set up Internet Explorer directly to use a proxy. Awkward, especially for people who use something like yourprivateproxy and have 10+ proxies Program still has bugs –I’ve noticed capatcha’s fail (and you have to close down the window to continue), some of the posts hang up, the program has closed down on occasion. Not a gamebreaker here, but these need to be fixed soon. SLOW — The more I use this program the more I’m annoyed with how slow it is. Don’t expect to create accounts + do a submission round in anything less than an hour. SEO Link RoBot In Use Well there are a lot of features packed into the software. Most of them work as advertised. The software will create web 2.0′s on 18 or so web 2.0′s and post spun content to them, then submit up to 10 social bookmarks and 2 RSS submission to each post. The program makes it a breeze to do this with a couple clicks. You also have the hyped up “link wheel” option where you can create up to 6 web 2.0′s that all link together while also linking to the money site. However, I was dissapointed to only find it only lets you link 6 properties together (you can choose random ones or specify which ones). I would much rather be able to link ALL the properties into a bigger link wheel, rather then small clusters. What was also annoying is that a few of the web 2.0′s on the list are effectively dead — you either can’t create an account with them or if you can, you can’t submit posts. This means that your mini web 2.0 link wheel clusters often end up with 2-4 rather than 6. Not all the web 2.0′s work.

WordPress Plugin :WP Sales Page Theme

Turn Your WordPress Site into a Sales Machine with Our Sales Page Templates… “Create Great Looking Product Sales Pages, Marketing Sales Letters, Email Squeeze Pages and Affiliate Landing Pages all Inside Your Favorite WordPress Theme” It has NEVER Been Easier to Create Sales Pages than This! Dear Fellow Internet Marketer, I am proud to announce the addition of 10 WordPress sales page templates to the WP Sales Letter Theme Bundle. This exciting improvement to our product offering now allows you to quickly and easily create great-looking sales pages within your existing WordPress theme. This means the actual sales page will be leak proof while the rest of your site maintains your normal theme design. It only takes a few minutes to upload the template files to your existing WP theme folder and then you simply choose the sales page template when writing your page. It’s a simple as that. Here’s a video with a demo of me setting up a sales page on a dummy site: Get the Entire Bundle for One Great Price! The 10 WordPress sales page templates mentioned above are part of our WP Sales Letter Theme Bundle. For the amazing low price of $47, you get unlimited usage and lifetime updates to: 12 Fully Functional WordPress Sales Letter Themes 10 WP Sales Page Templates to Use in Any WordPress Theme! 10 HTML Sales Letter Templates (which match the look and feel of the WP Themes) An In-Depth Instructional Manual with Photo Screenshots and Step-by-Step Instructions. Here are some powerful feature of WP Sales Page Template It is a single column theme, which means there is no sidebar to distract your website visitors from your sales message. It is very easy to install and activate. As a matter-a-fact, if you have ever installed a WordPress theme before, then you can handle with one with no problem. It is classic black font on white background, which is widely regarded as the best format for people reading your message. You can easily add headlines in H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 & H6 plus use bold, italics, underline, quote, tables and other formatting with ease! It can be used to build product sales letters for your own products or for products which you own resale or private label rights. It can be used to build Affiliate landing pages for pay-per-click marketing. It’s a known fact that Google and Yahoo love sites built with WordPress. Improve your Google AdWords Quality Score! You can Easily Build Email Squeeze Pages too

SEO Equalizer

The SEO Equalizer is actually a desktop application that is designed to streamline keyword research, manage link building campaigns, and optimize websites based on SEO guidelines. It is also powerful enough to design search engine rankings. Created by Jeff Alderson, the product has been receiving top reviews since its introduction. This software application gives you a higher chance of acquiring customers based on your search engine results page. It is not surprising that SEO Equalizer is considered as the Swiss Knife of SEO tools. It also offers different functionalities that will let you enjoy and make a lot of money from internet marketing. To help you get acquainted with this tool, here are just some of the key features you can expect from SEO Equalizer: Link Submission Search Manually posting back links to your web page is a task that takes a lot of time. This product will let you cut back on the required time by providing a form you can use to get backlinks. Directory Submission Tool Search engines require websites to register. The Directory Submission Tool available in SEO Equalizer will submit such forms for you. This feature provides you with a very good chance of getting indexed and ranked highly by the search engines. Email Organizer Because you can use SEO Equalizer with your various businesses, it is likely that you are swamped with emails and feedbacks on a daily basis. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any emails by using the SEO Equalizer’s Email Organizer. Competitor Backlink Search Be updated with your competitor’s status and developments by taking advantage of SEO Equalizer’s Competitor Backlink Search. This tool gives you an idea about your competitor’s popularity rating. Note: If you’re on IM Report Card because you’re looking for a way to make money online, then you should check out our top recommendation. It’s the best method we’ve found that anyone can use to earn income online. Click here to learn more! Reputation Overall, SEO Equalizer is a good product. It includes an all-in-one feature that provides SEO scrutiny and link management. Having received a lot of positive testimonials from successful internet marketers, it is safe to assume that this product is a good deal especially since it priced reasonably for the benefits it can reap. Domain “Whois” The Whois information for a website lists the owner and their contact information. The Whois information for “SEO Equalizer” is public which is generally a good thing. This indicates the owner of this site has nothing to hide. SEO Equalizer is a software program that will catapult your site to the top of search engine rankings. The most important factor that will lead to higher rankings is the number of high quality links pointing to your site. That’s what SEO Equalizer will help you do. You won’t have to worry about placing SEO-friendly content, creating fresh content for your site and submitting to article directories. SEO Equalizer will take care of these tasks, too. Plus, it will enable you to check the instant ranking of any web site on any search engine, automatically find web sites related to your niche that accept link exchange, check where your competitors are linking, analyze your page for keyword density and more.

RSS Equalizer

“Discover An Amazing ‘Technology’ That Will Give You An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors And Increase Your Rankings… GUARANTEED!” If you’ve been on the Internet for more than a few minutes, you’re most likely aware of just how difficult it is to achieve top search engine rank. And just as likely, you’ve probably come up against the same old brick wall… Are you tired of having to write all your own web page content? Has the task of creating keyword-rich pages become unbearable? Have you grown frustrated over all the conflicting “expert” SEO advice? Is your current traffic-generating method failing to bring in maximum results? Do you wish there was an easier method of getting high page rank? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, you need to listen up because… There’s ONE major factor that will not only alleviate each of those problems listed above, it will practically “guarantee” top search engine page rank. And what exactly is this miraculous little jewel? Three simple words… Really Simple Syndication. Or, as we in the “business” commonly refer to it… RSS. And in case you’re not already familiar with RSS, here’s a brief rundown… The Functional Side Of RSS By definition, RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing things like news headlines and other web page content. But the bottom line is, RSS is simply a popular and convenient method of sharing content between websites. You see, regardless of what topic or subject matter you’ve built your website around, there’s valuable content out there… articles and information written by some “expert” in that particular field. And since that kind of content already exists – AND a large portion of it is available through the magic of RSS feed capability – YOU don’t have to create the content yourself. So how does that help you when it comes to getting top search engine page rank? Glad you asked… The Powerful “Fun” Side of RSS Imagine this… you’ve created dozens (if not hundreds or even thousands) of pages for your website. And each one of them has been carefully crafted – through the use of keyword optimization – to gain you the highest possible page rank. And let’s say for the moment that you actually GET the highest possible page rank for a good portion of your carefully crafted web pages. The problem that still remains is this… getting good page rank and KEEPING good page rank are two entirely different animals. Of course, if you can’t even get good page rank to begin with, you’re facing an ever greater uphill battle. But that’s all about to change. Now you can GAIN top page rank and KEEP top page rank, all at the same time. How? With one incredibly “intelligent” webmaster tool. Put RSS Equalizer To Work For You! As a webmaster, you’ve got more than enough work to do. So why spend even more time writing fresh new web content? Starting right now, YOUR website could be displaying quality theme-based content… automatically! It’s fast, it’s easy, and most importantly, you’ll be offering your viewers valuable content that’s highly relevant to what you’re promoting. And the best part of all? You’ll be serving up great content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… WITHOUT having to lift a finger. So what exactly is RSS Equalizer? It’s a server side script that allows you to add fully dynamic RSS feeds to your web pages. However this is for PERSONAL USE only.

Sales Page Optimize Pro

Analyse and optimize your sales page / web page. Understand how headlines, fonts and colors are used effectively. Find out how many “hypnotic” words are used in a sales page that makes the visitor click on the ‘Buy now’ button. Learn the techniques like web copywriting, writing styles, persuasive phrases and power words used in any sales page. Get all the information about any sales page instantly. Find : List of Bold Text used in the sales page, List of Hyper-links, List of email links, Paragraph length details & details of opening para, Total Page word count, Power words and “Hypnotic words” used, Check whether the links are Cloaked ?, Number of times the Download / Buynow / Order button links is used, Whether Bonus products are offered, Information on Headlines and Sub-headlines, Copyright Information, Email/Phone/Fax details extraction. Internet details like last update date for the page, download time for the page, Background color used, Number of Inbound and outbound links, If forms are used, Fonts and Page color details, If Colors used are Web-safe or not, Number of images used along with their ALT tags and sizes, Multimedia details like Audio/Video used on page or not, Details of Javascript popups/Flash/Dhtml/Css etc. Search engine optimization details like Keyword-Density Analysis, Keyword Frequency, Page Title tags and Description, Meta Keywords Used along with other Meta Tags details, Search engine position analysis, Host & Whois information

One Time Offer Script

A one-time offer is a technique to increase the ultimate urgency to buy now in your customers or subscribers. Any website or list owner with a thank-you page can set up a technological but fairly simple PHP script and special sales letter to deploy their own one-time offers. This script will allow the page to come up only once on a particular computer. If a visitor to your website tries to go back to that page by bookmarking or typing in the web address again, the script takes that visitor to a different page of your choice. And with a proper sales letter that effectively creates the urgency to buy now, it dramatically increases sales.

iFrame Template Training

Use Instant iFrame FB Page Templates To Pimp Out Your Own Facebook Page, Or Hire Out Your Services To Others For Big Bucks! You Need To Stand Out In 2011 On facebook, Here’s How! Having A Facebook Fan Page Is A Must In 2011, now you can make your page stand out Like A PRO! Are you using Facebook to generate traffic and followers to your brand? If you are, you absolutly must make your FB page look professional. The standard basic Facebook page will no longer do, if you want to give off a professional vibe. Use our temaplates and training to learn how to make your FB page stand out in the crowd. Does Facebook Marketing Really Work? It Does IF you know how to utilize Facebook properly! Are you getting as much traffic as you need to keep your business not only afloat, but also growing and increasing in profit? If not, you’re not alone. There are literally millions of businesses out there struggling to get traffic to their site to keep sales up. Sadly, most people don’t know where to look for traffic generation strategies that work so they’re running out of options. This means traffic & sales are down. With the constantly increasing levels of competition, it’s also harder to get exposure using the more standard methods. However, there’s good news today… You Can make facebook pay when it comes to promoting your web business With the new instant FB iFrame templates Package! cd image Instant FB iFrames is a new product we created that will give you everything you need to create eye catching FB business pages that get results! Looking to use Facebook to promote your business? This is exactly what you need to get setup quickly and effectively as possible. Just grab a template, edit it to suit your needs and plug it in for use in your business and you’re on your way to big time Facebook traffic! You’ll even get full training on how to use everything so you aren’t left in the dark or wondering what to do next! Facebook is quickly becoming the Mecca for businesses looking to increase traffic and get in on cutting edge promotional methods! As the Internet becomes more fierce when it comes to getting traffic, Facebook is quickly becoming a viable option for increased business exposure. Businesses are scrambling to get on Facebook and utilize this high trafficked web property to get their business and products in front of tons more people. Facebook’s social nature really makes getting your business on Facebook important as potential customers are on the site, live 24 hours a day. Having your business in front of these provenly active people is the best way to get access to ready to buy customers. Have you seen big companies advertising their Facebook or Twitter presence on their websites, in their television commercials, and in their print ads? There’s a big reason for that! Facebook is a highly social place and businesses know this. Facebook is where your customers are so you need to be there too! Unfortunately, Facebook Is Loaded With Spammers! Abuse of facebook is a common occurrence that only gets businesses in big trouble! How many times have you seen spam on Facebook? You can probably recall hundreds, if not thousands of instances where you’ve been spammed or seen spam on Facebook. I’m talking about people or businesses who post blatant ads on your Facebook wall with no shame and no regard for your personal space. You’ve also probably received messages from people spamming you about their new product or website. “Gee, thanks buddy!” On top of that, there are other forms of spam such as chat spam, auto-group add spam, and tons of other Facebook spam. Not only does this irritate you (and me), it doesn’t get results for the business – it only creates enemies and tension with people who COULD have been your customers! So how do you promote on Facebook? The new facebook iFrame is now available to the General public! This means better promotion, more traffic & Higher conversions! There has always been the standard Facebook Fan/Business page which allows you to create a page for your business. Unfortunately, these pages really haven’t looked all that great and don’t offer you much flexibility when it comes to customization. The good news is that Facebook has now launched the Facebook Page iFrame for maximum Facebook Page customization! You might be wondering what a Facebook Page iFrame is (I did at one point), so allow me to explain what it is exactly… The iFrame functionality actually allows you to embed a website and custom HTML code into your Facebook page! That means that instead of just some basic text and image additions, you can now actually do all kinds custom work on your Facebook Page such as opt-in boxes, video, flash, cool page functions, etc. Of course you’re probably thinking “That sounds confusing and like a lot of work!” which would be accurate. However, you can create high converting, eye catching, customer pulling Facebook Pages using the new iFrame functionality WITHOUT any technical knowledge at all with this… Introducing The Instant FB iFrame Templates Package WITH Training! As we discussed previously, the new Facebook Page iFrame allows you to do all kinds of cool stuff and customizations to get more business. flat The Instant FB iFrame templates package gives you a TON of cool pages you can just drop into your Facebook Page. If you can copy and paste as well as edit some basic text, you have all the skills necessary to use these templates. Best of all, the package comes complete with training to show you how to use and customize these templates as quickly as possible without being a computer geek! The Instant FB iFrame Templates package gives you the ability to have that flashy, shinny, and high converting Facebook page that gets results, just like the big guys! The Instant FB iFrame templates & Training Package comes complete with everything you need to get setup with a high grade facebook page: 14 high quality Facebook Page iFrame templates, Ready To use. a full training report that shows you how to use everything quickly. flashy, high converting facebook pages that get excellent results. fully facebook compliant and coded with secure, high quality code! Fast implementation so your page can be up and live tonight! As you can see, the instant fB iFrame package comes with everything you need to not only get setup with a facebook page quickly, but also get setup easily and effectively with a page that gets results. this is how you Capitalize on facebook and get traffic! Could your business use more traffic, more leads, and more sales? With Instant fB Templates You can have all that! There’s no doubting that the Instant FB Template package is loaded with a ton of high quality templates. You get 14 templates so that you can test, change, and customize the look to exactly what’s right for you and your business. Not to mention the fact that you also get all the training to ensure you can use everything. Most importantly, the Instant FB iFrame package is so affordable that you may feel like you’re taking advantage of me. Don’t worry, I’m happy to cut you a deal and let you get the entire package for a mere $17 if you take action today! On top of that, I’m going to throw in 3 full products as a bonus just for being decisive and downloading your package today. These products are each worth a ton more than you’ll pay for the Instant FB Templates Package alone! Check them out…

Mio eCommerce Theme -splashing pixel

Mio is the “Apple” inspired WordPress e-commerce theme, this theme is incredibly easy to install, comes fully styled in every aspect and can give you the opportunity to have an online shop ready to sell products in no time! Let’s take a look at some features this theme offers. Here is the homepage with a stylish products slider, a blog posts auto rotator and a featured product section in the footer.

WordPress Plugins :250 WordPress Plugins

This is an easy-to-use, no-nonsense set of 250+ solutions that makes your WordPress blog a super power with deadly effectiveness ALL done for free! Here are some things that these plugins can do for you. * Make Your Blog Stand Out Heads & Shoulders Above Others: Throw your sickening old designs out of the window and radically transform the look and feel of your blog with the plugins mentioned here. * Turbo power your blog with special tools and skyrocket your profits: One glance through this guide will make it amply clear that your WordPress blogs has the potential to perform 100 times better than its present state now. * Re-Strategize your business plan: Again, by looking at some of these plugins will fill your head with a surge of exciting new ideas! Ideas that can make your WordPress blog a truly cash emitting diode. * Monetize Your WordPress Blog Instantly: Convert your blog into cash-cow with Adsense, clickbank product commission, Amazon Commission, Chitika commission, software store commissions, your own products, your other affiliate program etc on the fly! * Automate & De-Stress Yourself: Some of the plugins are especially useful to reducing your hand-work to the bare minimum and makes managing your WordPress blogs a pleasure! And heres how the whole plugins are arranged for you. * All 250+ Plugins neatly arranged into categories for you to easily spot and pick the one that you want. For e.g. 1. Admin Plugins 2. Improving the Blog Layout 3. Spam Control Plugins 4. Search Engine Optimization Plugins 5. Money Making Plugins 6. Web 2.O Marketing Plugins 7. Email and Other Marketing Tools 8. Navigation, Search and Post 9. Pictures, Video, Audio and Media 10. Statistics and Tracking * Explanations given to each of the 250 Plugins so that you can identify what it is at a glance.

WordPress Plugins :101 Top Rated Plugins

Stop The Frantic Search! Get All The Top Rated WordPress Plugins You Need For Any Blog In 5 Minutes. We have drilled deep – we have tested – we have tossed out the garbage. And we have hand-picked 101 of the highest rated and most useful WordPress plugins … the ones you will need to make your blog: 1. Stand Out From Your Competitors 2. Functional and Easy to Manage 3. User Friendly to Keep Them Coming Back. Stop The Frantic Search! Get All The Top Rated WordPress Plugins You Need For Any Blog In 5 Minutes. We have drilled deep – we have tested – we have tossed out the garbage. And we have hand-picked 101 of the highest rated and most useful WordPress plugins … the ones you will need to make your blog: 1. Stand Out From Your Competitors 2. Functional and Easy to Manage 3. User Friendly to Keep Them Coming Back. Save You Countless Hours of Search Time Provide Quick Download Access to All the Plugins You’ll Ever Need Avoid the Anxiety and Frustration of Trial and Error Testing Eliminate Accidentally Using Outdated or Incompatible Plugins Now you can get the plugins you really need to fully optimize your WordPress blog platform and turn it into a user-friendly marketing powerhouse. Here are a Few of the Cutting Edge Plugins You’ll Have… The Best Plugin To Load Your Pages Lightning Quick The Best Plugin For Automated SEO The Best Plugin For Mobile Marketing Optimization The Best Plugin For Auto-Rotating Your Banner Ads The Best Plugin For Embedding Adsense and YPN The Best Plugin For Adding AWeber Autoresponder Interface The Best Plugin For Turning Any Blog Into an Instant Amazon Store The Best Plugin For Setting Up a Chat on Your Blog The Best Plugin For Featured Content Display The Best Plugin For a Spam-Proof Contact Page The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content The Best Plugin For Building A Social Network The Best Plugin For Handling 404 Errors The Best Plugin For Hosting A Podcast The Best Plugin For Preventing Image and Content Theft And 86 more to boot …! 101 Free Top Rated WordPress Plugins Comes With Master Resell Rights Grab Your 101 Free Top Rated WordPress Plugins Master Resell Rights Now!

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster is a powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network. This is a great way to distribute PR and increase search engine spidering. Discover How You Can Easily Boost PR On Pages Throughout Your Sites With An Advanced Linking System! “Effortlessly Optimize Your Sites Linking Structure To Send The Search Engines Wild, Devouring All of Your Page and Giving Them Prime Search Rankings!” Give Your Sites The Edge Needed To Beat Out Millions of Other Pages With A Few Simple Tweaks To Your Links!

WordPress Plugin : EzWPRotator

“Track, Cloak, And Rotate An Unlimited Number Of Links Right From Your WordPress Dashboard Using The EzWpRotator Plugin!” What Can You Do With The EzWpRotator Plugin? Use it to cloak your affiliate links! Use it for Advertising co-ops and share traffic with all members! Use it to split test salespages and see which converts the best! Use it to share sales with partners on any promo! Use it for all of your “permanent” links in ebooks and products, which you can change anytime! And anything else you can think of! There isn’t a simpler solution available to track, cloak, and rotate links right on your own website. The EzWpRotator plugin can handle all of your linking needs with point and click ease. Introducing….. “Ez Wp Rotator” With this plugin, you will be able to create ONE link campaign, and add unlimited links into the rotation plugin.

WordPress Plugin : I Recommend It

Discover How You Can Transform Your WordPress Blog Into The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing M.A.C.H.I.N.E “I Recommend It WP Plugin” is one of the simplest to use redirection plugins for WordPress that has been released to date. No hacking themes or jacking with the .htacess file, just install, make a post or page and enter the URL where you want visitors forwarded. If you are looking to own your URL redirection,masking and shortening service, then you ought to check out I Recommend It WP Plugin If you have permalinks setup on your WordPress install, your links would look like: or You do not have to actually put any content into the post of page, you just add the name and enter the destination URL. This is all that is required, take a look at this short video. I Recommend It WordPress Plugin Runtime 1:27 Author texasbiz URL URL Views 3,009 Description – The simplest WordPress plugin t…

WordPress Plugin : Magic Template

Discover How You Can Create Unlimited Beautiful, Eye-Catching Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages and Video Landing Pages at The Same Time With One WordPress Installation Using WordPress Magic Template Magic Template WordPress Plugin uses the standard WordPress templating structure to do away with the normal links, headers, menus, sidebars and any other distractions a normal blog theme has. Its pre-formatted page styles come with numerous features you would expect to have on a sales page! Signatures, bullets, testimonial boxes, headers, sub headers and much, MUCH more… Magic Template WordPress Plugin is pre-loaded with 22 “styles” – all different in their own unique way. But, what’s unique about Magic Template is that each of the “styles” is easily customizable. You can change: background color content width font-size font family and much, much more!

WordPress Plugin : Micro Membership

Micro-Membership WordPress Plug-In Easily Turns Your Word Press Blog Into A Money Grabbing Membership Site Micro-Membership is a basic, easy to use WordPress plugin that adds “membership” functionality to your WordPress blog. The real benefit of this plugin is that it seamlessly integrates PayPal or ClickBank payment processing into your blog allowing you to charge for contact and automatically collect payments from your users. Fully Automated Membership System Micro-Membership fully automates your membership system from the user registration to confirmation of payment and account activation. Micro-Membership integrates with the subscription and notification services of both PayPal and ClickBank to fully automate the subscription billing and payment process. Micro-Membership generates the required PayPal or ClickBank “Subscribe” buttons on the fly, so you don’t need to add or change any WordPress code. Activation & Install Micro-Membership installs just like any other WordPress plugin. You can use use WordPress’s Manual installation process or you can install “the old way” – using FTP to place the plugin in your WordPress plugins directory. Micro-Membership creates and manages three payment levels: Free – the user has registered thru WordPress but has chosen not to pay for a subscription Standard – the user has paid for the “standard” subscription Premium – the user has pain for a “premium” level subscription Executive – the user has paid for an “executive” level subscription Elite – the user has paid for an “elite” level subscription You don’t have to implement all five subscription levels; for example, you may only use the “Paid” subscriptions. That’s fine – Micro-Membership still works great.

WordPress Plugin : One Time Offer WP Plugin

Are You Ready To Cash In With Your Own One Time Offers Too?! “Discover How You Can Easily Set Up & Manage Unlimited One Time Offer Pages Using WordPress! New Awesome Plugin Takes Care Of It All For You!” Finally, You No Longer Need To Be A Website Geek To Profit From Your Own One Time Offers! You Just Need A WP Site And THIS Plugin! WordPress One Time Offer Plugin Features: Create True, Expiring, One Time Offers in WordPress easily with a Real Countdown Timer. Once the Countdown Expires, Visitors are Redirected to the Page of Your Choice. OTO Pages are Securely Tracked by WordPress…So They Truly Expire. Upon Leaving and Returning, the Script “Remembers” Where it Left Off. It Doesn’t Start Over. Works with any Payment System. Create Override Links That Let Certain People Re-Visit the OTO. Supports a Start Date: If someone gets access to the Special One Time Offer link and uses it before this date, they will be redirected to the websites Home page. Supports an End Date: This is the date the one-time offer campaign ends. Anyone using the offer link on or after this date will be redirected to the Expired Page. Works with any Theme (Thesis, StudioPress, WooThemes…Anything!)

WordPress Plugin :WP Corner Peel Plugin

What it does is create a really cool looking page peel effect in the top right hand corner of your blog. This draws the eye and compels people to click it. When they click to see what it is, they’re directed to a new page and you make your offer. Now all you have to do is put in a small amount of effort to create your ad and then watch your site visitors click it. A couple of years ago a well known marketer who is renowned for his fanatical testing and tracking (and also his minimalistic approach to everything he does) investigated sales copy. There’s long been an argument over what converts well, long sales copy or short punchy sales copy. He wanted to put this debate to permanent rest in his own mind. At Its Simplest The easiest way of using WordPress Corner Peel Plugin is with WordPress and you can be up and running with your ad in minutes. Upload WordPress Corner Peel Plugin to your blog and activate. Go to the settings, browse and upload your ad images. Set the URL to the page you want them to land on when they click, and save. You’re done. How Does It Work? Many people are now using browser addons to temporarily disable Flash just to avoid seeing the ever increasing number of Flash based banner ads. We’ve all seen them on sites like eBay. Well unlike similar flash based solutions, WordPress Corner Peel Plugin uses javascript to do the corner peel effect. This means that while many people won’t see the Flash based peel ads, because there’s no good reason to disable javascript, they WILL see your corner peel. And the reason that hardly anyone disables javascript is because without it, many web sites won’t work correctly. Javascript is also a lot easier on the processor than Flash, meaning users of older computers will still be able to see your corner peel ads without seeing their computer crawl to a standstill. These two reasons mean that there’s a better chance of your corner peel ads being seen by your site visitors.

WordPress Plugin : WP Covertz Link

Skyrockets Your Affiliate Revenue With WordPress Plugins That Cloak Your Affiliate Links Making Them Looks As If It’s Part Of Your Domain And Increase Your Affiliate Links Click Through’s With WordPress WP Coverts Linkz Plugin ,you can easily skyrockets your online affiliates revenue without worrying over how you can stop your commission from being theft on line and how you should go about increasing your affiliate links click through rate. WordPress Plugin, WP Coverts Linkz Plugin help you in preventing Stealing Of Commissions And Increases your affiliate links Clicks Through Rates by making your affiliate links similar to your domain. Making your link looks as if it’s a part of YOUR domain! You can in fact use the converted links “anywhere”, in your blog, forum signatures, or anywhere you want to possess covert links. If you want to increase your affiliate links click through rate by make your ugly affiliate links similar to your domains url check out Resell Rights Store- Resell Rights WordPress Plugins WP Coverts Linkz Plugin

WordPress Plugin :WP Launch Theme

WP-Launch Premium WordPress Theme Clean, modern and professional-looking. That’s what you get with WP-Launch. Whether you want a business website, a simple blog layout or a full-fledged magazine-style site, WP-Launch makes it quick and easy to create a site that is sure to impress your site visitors. WP-Launch Theme Features 2-Column Layout with Widgetized Sidebar Optional Footer Widgets Theme Settings Page Logo Integration via Theme Settings Page Optional Featured Content Glider Optional Magazine Home Page Layout 8 Color Options Threaded Comments Gravatar Integration Optional Banner Ad Integration Optional Post Thumbnails Drop-Down Navigation SEO Optimized Social Networking Integration Built-In Subscription Widget Multiple Page Templates And More $20 Happy New Year Discount Use Coupon Code 2A1198 for a $20 Discount – we may remove this offer at any time – Buy This WordPress Theme Buy This WordPress Theme Share WP-Launch WP-Launch Compatibility This theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (version 3.3+). GPL License/Unrestricted Use All Solostream themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means there are no restictions on how you use the themes. You can modify them and use them for both personal or commercial projects on as many websites as you like.

WordPress Plugin : WP Login Pro

Changes Your WordPress Login Pages In Less Than 5 Minutes! This super simple to use wordpress plugin enables anyone to change their generic wordpress login pages to look like it’s built on an expensive professional CMS solution….even if you’re just trying out WordPress for the first time! Works on the latest version of WP 3.3 Loaded with 20 Luscious and Irresistable WordPress Login Page Designs Added MRR Bonuses This MRR plugin was designed to be a no-brainer for MRR resellers and I’ve even included the source files to the professionally designed:

WordPress Plugin :WP Map

Adding And Customizing AGoogle Map Is So Easy! “you can easily make quick bucks with this nifty little plugin” The Greatest thing about this plugin is that your customers can easily make changes to their own map once you install the plugin and put the first initial map up. Let’s just say if they are having a special event and need to create a new map on their blog post for that special event, they can add it with ease. Take the hassle out of maintaining your customers websites with updating maps, simply show them how to use the WP maps plugin and they will thank you every time. Having WP maps plugin puts the power in the customer’s hands because it’s so user friendly, nearly anyone can update/change/add maps in no time. Some feature of WP Map Enable ‘Street View’ To Get A Snapshot On The Street Level… Use Any Business Address… Customize The ‘Bubble’ To Say Anything You Like… Visitors Can Easily Get Directions Right From The Map… Customize The Height, Width, And Alignment Of Your Google Map… Fully Interactive With Zoom, Satellite Images, And Multi-touch… Add Google Maps Directly To You WordPress Blog… Easily Insert Onto Any Page Or Post With Short-Codes…

WordPress Plugin : WP Mobile Plugin

WP Mobile Detector The WP Mobile Detector is a premium WordPress plugin that will mobilize your blog in minutes. Make your blog compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, BlackBerry, and thousands of other mobile devices with a single easy-to-install WordPress plugin. All-In-One WP Plugin with Full Customization! * AND Keep Your Existing Theme for PC/Mac Users! The Mobile WP Plugin gives you full control over the design, customize the background with 12 different styles, change navigation links, and even the tabbed content links. View some of the combinations created below: Remember it keeps your existing theme and blog! The plugin only displays for smart phones, not PC web browsers!

WordPress Plugin : WP Optimizer

WP Optimizer gives you the software to create your marketing pages for your blogs instantly and effectively… Increase your conversions, lead captures and blog’s value by quickly changing any page into a Sales Page or Squeeze Page, without any hassle or frustration. Forget about spending alot of money on different services, because WP Optimizer lets you create professional pages every time… Use the Live Preview to quickly change the options and see the results happen as you create the page, so you know exactly what the page looks like each and every time. Easy Downloadable Web Software Wizard Instant download to use on any Web Hosting account. Setup then create and manage unlimited amount of pages. All secured privately for you. Publish Your Pages to Any WordPress Blog Even if you are completely new it tells you how to publish your pages and get them working with your wordpress blog; it’s incredibly easy! Effortless Install – No Complex mySQL or Databases! If you can send an email, you can install these scripts. Just drag and drop files to your FTP, and your done

WordPress Plugin : WP Optimum Squeeze

wpOptimum Squeeze is a revolutionary new WordPress plugin that gives you the power to create killer squeeze pages and opt-in popups all through a simple point and click interface. There is no tweaking of the WordPress code to get your page templates to work and you don’t have to know anything about PHP. You can even customize your squeeze items with little or no knowledge of HTML or CSS – the easy customization screens make it a cinch. Using the same editor as WordPress uses for its Visual Editor, simply enter your content in the designated areas (main headline, sub headline, main content, opt-in header, opt-in footer). You can even place testimonial boxes, and bulleted lists, and images in your content area. And, before you save your new creation, you can preview your squeeze item – right in the editor! 8 Seconds… That’s All the Time You’ll Have You only get about 8 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention and make a credible offer before they lose focus and move on to something else. Which is why popups work so much better than other alternatives. Most WordPress site owners settle for an opt-in box in the sidebar – mainly because it’s quick and easy to do and doesn’t require much in the way of coding skills. The text usually says something like “Sign up for my newsletter!”. Quick, easy, but NOT good. It’s a pretty good bet that in those fleeting 8 seconds after your visitors first hit your site, they won’t even notice that sidebar opt-in box. Even if they do, “Sign up for my newsletter!” isn’t the kind offer that’ll spur them into action. wpOptimum Squeeze opt-in popups solve both of these problems. First, the popup grays out the current window so the popup content is the only thing the reader sees. Some people consider this “intrusive”, but intrusion is exactly what you want! If your plan is to “grab” that reader’s attention, you’ve gotta intrude and interrupt their consciousness. Once you’ve got that attention, there’s no need to settle for a weak call to action like “Sign up for my newsletter!”. wpOptimum Squeeze lets you use all of the great resources of a web page (color, graphics, text markup, testimonial boxes, video, etc.) to present your offer in the most appealing manner. Instead of the cramped space of a WordPress sidebar, you’ll have nearly a screen full of real estate to tout your benefits and entice your visitors. 3 Simple Layouts…

WordPress Plugin : WP Poetry

Discover How You Can Add Poetry At The End Of Your Blog Post Effortlessly And Easily using The WordPress WP Poetry Plugin WordPress WP Poetry Plugin is a simple WordPress plugin that adds poetical quotes to the end of every blog post you make. The database contains hundreds of entries, and will allow you to post new poetry for YEARS!

WordPress Plugin : WP Profit System

WordPress Profit System is a simple, easy to use plugin that does exactly what most WordPress site owners want when selling digital products from their WordPress website. WordPress Profit System coupled with WordPress allows the user to: Easily sell digital products with just a PayPal account — PayPal is easy to use, but it doesn’t provide a way to hide your ThankYou page or protect your download links. WordPress Profit System makes it easy to do both. It’ll hide your Thank You page so that only valid customers can access it and it will expire your download page and encrypt your download URLs so that your links can’t be shared or posted on “pirating” forums. Support multiple products in a single ClickBank Account — WordPress Profit System lets you use separate sales, thank you, and download pages for each product you define. That means that you can place multiple products in 1 ClickBank account but still display individually crafted sales pages for each product. Automatically cloaks your affiliate links — The benefits of cloaking affiliate links have been discussed frequently all over the ‘net. WordPress Profit System’s AFFILIATE mode handles this for you automagically! Protect Download Pages — Download pages can only be accessed through a link that includes the buyer’s purchase information. These pages are also set to expire after a period you specify — usually 3-5 days after the purchase. Protect Download Links — create ugly, cryptic, expiring links that can’t easily be shared or posted on freebie forums. Hide a digital product’s actual URL — anyone who sees your download link won’t have a clue about what your download filename is. Everything’s all screwed up with numbers, letters, and special characters that don’t mean a thing to anyone but YOUR software. Automatically generate PayPal, ClickBank, and EJunkie payment buttons — saving you tons of time fighting PayPal’s button factory or customizing your own ClickBank buttons. Plus, because WordPress Profit System is a WordPress plugin, it: Is Easy to Install — WordPress is known for its “5 minute install” and installing WordPress plugins (like this one) is a cinch Is Easy to Maintain Makes it Easy to Add Content — including new sales or review pages Is Super SEO Friendly — Google and Yahoo really LOVE WordPress Is Easy to Customize — both visually with WordPress themes and functionally with WordPress plugins. Supports the largest, free, most widely used payment processor in the world (PayPal) Supports the largest digital products affiliate sales network in the world (ClickBank) Supports one of the largest digital products delivery sites in the world (E-Junkie) WordPress Profit System is a fantastic tool that turns any WordPress website into a platform for some serious Internet Marketing…

WordPress Plugin : WP Quote

“WPQuote” WordPress Plugin displays quotes, links, or any other information you want on your WordPress blog. Single quotes are a royal pain when using WordPress to post your code. WordPress, in its infinite wisdom, does some really bad things to it. Anyone who attempts to simply cut-n-paste your code sample is in for a rude surprise and you are in for some really trivial support calls. Here is how you write your single quotes in WP:Plugin which helps you collect, manage and display your favourite quotations on your WordPress blog.

WordPress Plugin :WP Redirect Bot

WordPress has a handy function, wp_redirect(), for sending a user to a different page. It’s an easier way to handle redirects than to invoce the header() function on your own. To do a 301 redirect, it’s as simple as this: wp_redirect(‘’, 301); Just make sure that the function is called before any output is sent to the browser, otherwise you will get a “headers already sent” error. It’s a bit easier than the normal way to go about redirecting: header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”); header(“Location:”); The 301-type redirect means that the URL that the request is being forwarded to is the “real” URL, and that the client should recognize that. A 302, the default for both methods, is less preferable, designating a “temporary” redir

WordPress Plugin :WP Sales Automator

Make Your WordPress Website Into A Sales Generating Monster There are in excess of 11.4 Million WordPress Websites at this point in time and that figure is increasing every day. If you’re reading this you’re most likely one of them and probably you are pulling your hair out trying to optimize your blog to get the most visitors possible. Likely you are aware that to optimize your Blog quickly is with WordPress Plugins. But which is the best Plugin? There are currently over Eleven Thousand Plugins in the WordPress Catalog getting hold of the right Plugin for your Website can be quite a task. So please feel free to explore our comprehensive WordPress Plugin Catalog here to rapidly match your WP Plugin specifications. With This WordPress Membership Plugin & Digital Sales Plugin, You Can… Easy plugin install and setup – WP Sales Automator was created with ease of use in mind, simply upload the zip file and activate, complete a few settings and ready to accept sales :) Simple product & subscription management – Displays a quick overview of active products for sale and active subscriptions. Easily add, edit and delete with one click. Customer management – Displays an overview of both subscriptions and product sales. Plus for all transactions both subscription and product sales, on any refunds or cancellations it will automatically deactivate access. Product Sales log – The product sales page details product(s) purchased by each customer, including the transactions info, referral url so you can see exactly how they found your site (helps you identify which promotion is working and generating the most sales – very powerful!). Subscription log – The subscriptions page, details signup date, duration and if it’s recurring or not. Downloads management – All product sales are protected with encrypted links to hide the real location, you can also use time limited or max download counts to add extra security. Plus for any customer who needs to re-download their purchase, it’s all automated. They can easily reset and have the download link sent to their paypal email, it’s a huge customer support time saver! Content protection – All content you want for members is protected with one click of the mouse, if a visitor does not have an active subscription they cannot access the content, it’s that simple! you have the option to select which categories are just for members and normal visitors, not only that but also down to specific posts. Teaser content – Encourage visitors to signup to your membership with teaser content, enter into the excerpt box and it will display the content on the home page, in categories and search results. When the visitor then tries to access the post directory they are asked to signup with a link to subscription options.

WordPress Plugin :WP Show Me

WP ShowMe Is For ANY Blog, Regardless Of Your Niche! EWP ShowMe is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add your own unique content to the end of every blog post! There is no limit to what you can do with WP ShowMeasy Two-Minute Install And Setup!

WordPress Plugin : WP Smart QR

Get WP Smart QR plugin for WordPress and generate unlimited number of QR codes wordpress WP Smart-QR Code Plugin is an Easy to use WordPress plugin for use with the QR Code Generator. wordpress The WPSmartQR WordPress plugins allows the insertion of a shortcode to display The QR Generation Script within a WordPress post/page. This is in addition to the Admin Dashboard generator page.

WordPress Plugins :WP Stealth Links

Instantly Make More Money Using The wpStealth Plugin To Mask Your Affiliate Links And Landing Pages With Point And Click Ease! wpStealth Easily Cloaks Your Affiliate Links And Landing Pages! This will keep “commission thieves” from stealing YOUR money. It will also build links back to YOUR site, instead of or others.

WordPress Plugin : WP Viral Lock Pro

WP Viral Lock Pro The best part is that this plugin is truly “set it and forget it”. All you have to do is set it up once, and sit back and watch your traffic grow EXPONENTIALLY over night. Here’s exactly what you get with the Viral Lock Pro WP Plugin: ******- A wp plugin that installs in less than 2 minutes ******- Increases your FB ‘likes’ and Google +1s by 500-1000% (Yes, you will see 5-10 TIMES the usual “likes”) ******- Increases your traffic from FB via these new “likes” ******- Increases your Google +1s ******- ABSOLUTELY No PPC or any other effort of any kind. Take a look at the skins as well as a super-simple user admin, where you can change the skins, the text, the cookies, the timer option, EVERYTHING…and all SUPER EASY!

WordPress Plugin :WP Viral Unlimited

“Now You Can Earn Instant Commissions From Your WordPress Blog On Complete Autopilot With Just TWO Minutes Of Setup Time…For Free!” Introducing…The WP Viral Unlimited Plugin! What The WP Viral Unlimited Plugin Does: WP Viral Unlimited adds an INSTANT COMMISSION photo ad to the beginning or end of every blog post you make on complete autopilot. When your readers click on the ads and make purchases, you will earn between 50%-100% INSTANT commissions,paid directly to YOUR PayPal account. ***INCLUDES FULL MASTER RESELL AND GIVEAWAY RIGHTS*** You’ll Receive The Reseller Files, Graphics, Sales Page, Certificate of Rights and EVERYTHING You Will Need To Make This Plugin Work For You In ALL Ways…

WordPress Plugin :WP Optin Form

“Now You Can Use The ‘WPOptinForm’ Plugin To Build Your List With Every Post To Your WordPress Blog!” Build Your List On Auto-Pilot WPOptinForm Displays An Autoresponder Opt-In Form At The Beginning Of Your Latest Blog Post, Or Every Post If You Want… Dear Blogger, You no longer have to rely on placing your autoresponder opt-in forms as widgets in your WordPress side bar. Now you can put them where your visitors will actually see them, at the beginning of your blog posts! You spend a lot of time, energy, and money to get people to visit your blog, but are you building your list with that traffic? It’s like throwing away money when you let visitors leave your blog without giving you their email address Use WPOptinForm On Unlimited Blogs! Have more than one blog? No problem! Your personal use copy of the WPOptinForm plugin allows you to use it on as many domains as you personally own. WPOptinForm Features: Easy Normal WP Plugin Install! Completely Customizable! Works with ANY Autoresponder! Includes Pro Squeeze Page Creator! Display on Latest, or “X” Latest Posts! Optional: Display Only On First Visit! Private Label Rights Available Below! Optional: Email Alerts When You Post How It Works: Simply add your opt-in form code provided by your autoresponder company to the plugin. (We recommend since they have such awesome default templates to use!) Your opt-in form will now be posted before the content in your latest “X” number of blog posts for all of your readers to see. They can’t miss it! Additionally, you can set the form to display at the beginning of EVERY blog post if you wish, or on the first visit only.

WordPress Plugin :WP Tagz

Discover How You Can Generate Enhanced QR Code Effortlessly Using The WordPress Plugin WP Tagz Plugin There is no better way to generate enhanced QR Code effortlessly from your website using the awesome WordPress WP Tagz Plugin With WordPress QR Tagz Plugin you can easily customize the plugin according to your needs. You can rename the plugin, insert your personal details, use your name, your links, anything you like and resell it online or to offline customers. The plugin also comes with the ability to lock registration, you can set it up to be COMPLETELY LOCKED when the user installs it, requiring ‘An Activation Key’ for use! Here’s what you can do with the WordPress WP Tagz Plugin You can sell or give the plugin away and use an autoresponder code to get them on your list OR give the plugin away and make them fill in a CPA offer or even click a ‘LIKE’ button for your FaceBook Fanpage, then you can give the plugin away on WordPress directories, solo ad sites or any medium you wish.. When the user installs the plugin on their blog they’re forced to opt-in to your list or fill in your CPA offer or click a ‘LIKE’ button for your FaceBook Fanpage to make it go viral before they can get your Confirmation Key. Can you see the sheer Power of doing that..!! Here’s what the WordPress WP Tagz Plugin can do for you WordPress WP Tagz plugin allows you to insert a QR Tag into any WordPress post or page, there are a number of different options that can be encoded into the QR Tag to make the user do as you want…, for instance you can make the user: Browse to a Website Bookmark a Website Make a Phone Call Send an SMS Send an E-Mail Create a vCard Create a meCard Create a vCalendar Event Youtube URL for iPhone Tweet on Twitter Create Blackberry Messenger User WIFI Network for Android Free Formatted Text You can use these in your sales pitch to your “Local Offline businesses”, you can add the QR Code tag to ANY NEW or EXISTING post or page by clicking the ‘Add Tag’ widget to insert the short code that displays the ‘QR Tag’ where you want it to be displayed in your post, click to publish or update the post to finish the procedure. Here’s a pitch you can use to sell to an Offline Business: One of the many pitches you can use to sell this plugin is with one of the many features, for instance: Many restaurants have ‘Call Ahead’ seating and ‘Online Menu’s’, the pitch is to build a ‘QR Tag’ on their site that ‘Bookmarks’ the restaurant’s menu right on the Customer’s phone, this way they have it on the road. As a call to action you can recommend the restaurant provides a discount to anyone with the ‘Page Bookmarked’. On the site you would put a headline ‘Scan Below To Receive Your Discount’.. There are numerous other very creative methods you can use to sell or use this plugin, so….. Watch all of this ‘How to’ Video, to find out the methods for using and creating your plugin: Code: If you want an effortlessly way to generate enhanced QR Code from your website ,check out Master PLR Membership Product -WordPress WP Tagz

WordPress Plugin : Duplicate Bye Bye

HOW DOES IT WORK? If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like WP-O-Matic and the likes that automatically pull and post content to your blog. This plugin works hand in hand with these types of plugins. It takes the content that is being posted,works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money.

WordPress Plugin :Alert Pay Button

Discover How You Can Easily Setup Subscribe annd Buy Now Button Now In Your WordPress Blog Usng The Alert Pay Button Generator Without You Having To Know The Codes That is where plugins like “AlertPay Button Generator” comes to the rescue! Just imagine being able to use your mouse to make a few clicks and setup a subscribe or even a simple buy now AlertPay button inside WordPress. It really is that simple. This guide will walk you through the installation process and will show you how to use the plugin to generate Alertpay buttons on your pages or posts.

WordPress Plugin :WP Favicon

The “WP Favicon” plugin add a favicon to your site. Most of the themes just forgot to manage this small but nice feature. The plugin just add – inside the HEAD section – the needed links to the favicon. It supports, both the .ico and a .gif favicon. = Maximum Compatibility Due to the famous web browser from Redmond. The best approach is to have 2 separates favicon files located at the site root directory. 1. The first favicon file (favicon.ico) is either a 16×16 or a 32×32 icon. Nowadays, all modern browser supports both size. 2. The second favicon file (favicon.gif) is a (reasonable) free size, and can be an animated GIF too! The .gif version have precedence over the .ico. So, if the browser support animated favicon, the animated will be displayed, else the static .ico will be used instead. Note that both favicon.ico and favicon.gif can be different pictures.

WordPress Plugin : WP Ticker

News Ticker is a JQuery based WordPress plugin, which displays a sliding or fading list of your posts, rss feeds or comments and links back to them. By enabling the Images feature you can transform the News ticker into a featured post gallery with a single click. What you can do with it? Display your Most Popular Posts over a chosen range of days. Display your Most Commented Posts Simply add your most Recent Posts Or Recent Comments You can even choose some Specific Posts to display Use the Category Filter to display post from a chosen category or any number of categories Use your default RSS feeds or even and external RSS feed, from any other site. You can use Twitter RSS too. Display your attached images. Display the custom excerpt, text and links etc. To better control your News Ticker you can: Set any Number of Posts to display Or set the Ticker Length in characters so the ticker would fit your WordPress theme. Thanks to the wonderful JQuery library you can also set the following parameters for your News Ticker: Ticker Speed Ticker Timeout which is the time between the fades or slides And of course the Ticker Animation to allow to to show your news or posts as inter-fading or sliding animation

WordPress Plugin : WP Secure

WP Secure Pro is the latest product offered by Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos designed to secure WordPress from hackers i.e. it is WordPress security. Has your WordPress site ever been hacked? Have you ever messed up your WordPress site because of a plugin you installed or an upgrade that went bad? Do you want to protect your WordPress sites so you can have peace of mind that your data is safe? If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will want to check out this new training Jason and Wil just released on WP Secure Pro. It is the most comprehensive training on enhancing WordPress security…AND it is taught in PLAIN ENGLISH…not geek- speak! You need this information…and the time to get it is NOW because you just don’t know when a hacker will strike! I lost a Hotmail account to hackers when this was my principal email address a few years ago – I never recovered my emails after Hotmail locked the account down. Just imagine if this is your website that you have spent weeks and months building? The small price of WP Secure Pro is well worth paying for peace of mind and, if you are building websites for clients, like me, then keeping your clients data safe from hackers is essential

WordPress Plugins -WP Facts

WP Facts shows a simple facts-photo whith short description on Your sidebar. WP Facts shows a surprising facts-photo whith short description. WP Facts is an essential plugin for all site/blogs the subject of news and want to surprise readers. Description: 1. All of the photograph link (nofallow) to the relevant fact pages , so anyone interested can learn more about the facts shown. 2. Photo is described by a two-line description under the photo. 3. All photographs are optimized for web (jpg, quality 90%)and have a title and alt attributes. 4. Plugin adds the contents with the best practices of SEO. 5. When the page refreshes widget show different (random) photo.

WordPress Plugin :WP Blog Tweet

Get More Traffic, Subscribers, And Sales When You Automatically Update Your Twitter Accounts (Up to 10!) With Every Post Made To Your WordPress Blog! Tired of logging in to Twitter over and over again just to post about your latest blog update? Got several Twitter accounts that need updated at once? Want INSTANT traffic with EVERY blog post? Would you like to do this all HANDS-FREE? “Then You Need The WPBlogTweet Plugin!” Step One: Upload And Activate. Upload the wpblogtweet folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your blog. Then activate it inside your WordPress Dashboard. Step Two: Choose how many accounts to use (between 1-10) to tweet each post made to your blog. For example, if you choose 5, the plugin will randomly choose 5 accounts from Twitter accounts list, and will tweet the title, along with a shortened link – all on autopilot! Step Three: Add your Twitter accounts. Enter your accounts 1 per line, in the following format: username:password. You can enter as many twitter accounts as you want here! The WpBlogTweet plugin will randomly select up to 10 accounts from this list, and will send a tweet to them with every post made to your blog! Step Four: Update Your settings. Enter your username and API key so that the WpBlogTweet plugin can shorten every link you tweet! Registration at is free. That’s It! WordPress Plugin For Personal Use. Sales Letter

WordPress Plugin : WP Auto Links

What does The WP- Auto Links WordPress Plug-in do? This plug-in allows you to takes any word in your WordPress blog and change it into a “link” to your affiliate product, or anything want. Here’s the neat thing, When you make those changes, it changes in all the posts, and on all* the pages in your blog… AT ONCE! The Benefits of The WP Auto Links Plugin * Create Affiliate Links On EVERY Blog Page Instantly * Change The Affiliate Links Instantly * No Coding Needed

WordPress Plugins :WordPress Plugin Guide

WordPress is one of the popular content managements systems(CMS) for blogs. Plugins on WordPress are powerful and enhance the blog’s functionality. We wanted to share an interesting book, a new release from PACKT publishers which enables to build powerful, interactive plug-ins for your blog. This book has everything you need to create and distribute your own plug-ins following WordPress coding standards. Step-by-step instructions with an emphasis on experimentation and tweaking code are made available to make sure its stands as a good guide for beginner’s to build powerful and interactive plugins for WordPress. WordPress plugin development, beginners guide contains comprehensive walk through the development of six feature-rich, real-world plug-ins that are being used by many WordPress users. From making plugins for easier web site administration, to adding a new feature – plug-ins enable you to customize and extend a blog or web site’s functionality. WordPress Plug-in Development (Beginner’s Guide) focuses on teaching key aspects of modern WordPress development with easy to follow tutorials.

WordPress Plugin -EZ WP Cloner Plugin

Discover How A Simple WordPress Plugin Can Clone Your Blogs With a Few Clicks? “Now You Can Clone Your WordPress Blogs With Point And Click Ease Using The Brand New EzWPCloner Plugin! Nothing To ‘Learn’,Nothing To ‘Do’…Finally Something Simple!” “Forget High Priced Software – We’ve Got You Covered!” Introducing The Most User Friendly WordPress Blog Cloner Anywhere… The Amazing EzWPCloner Plugin!EzWPCloner Features Upload and Activate Like Any WP Plugin! Now Anyone Can Clone Their Blogs! Use It On Unlimited Blogs! User Friendly Interface Shown Below! EzWPCloner Plugin Will Automatically: Install an exact copy of your WordPress blog to any cPanel powered domain Install and activate your Theme on your new blog Install AND activate ALL of your Plugins on your new blog Edit and Activate Your Permalink structure Copy, Edit, and Activate EVERY setting exactly as it exists on the blog you are cloning Copy ALL of your blog content to your new blog

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